Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Soulsaber
Reward Soulsaber
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Trial 169 Trial 1209



Defeat 200 experience yielding Vermin type mobs under Fire Day or Weather condition Soulsaber must be equipped
Augment: Damage +14 Delay -10 STR+4 Attack +12

  • Approximately 10 bee spawns around the hives at (G-6) in Wajaom Woodlands (careful of links if in a small group/solo). Can move west to (F-6) for 4 spider spawns.
  • If working on this trial in an alliance, the western 1/2 of Attohwa Chasm makes a good location. Targets will be Monarch Ogrefly, Tracker Antlion, and Tulwar Scorpion. Just keep an eye out for the Corse that wander the area between 20:00 - 04:00.
  • As of new weather update, Kuftal has 28 spider spawns and a chance to pop fire weather, which would grant 6 kills per spider on the off chance you get weather during fires day.
  • Grauberg (S) has a cluster of Chigoe spawns in the G-11, H-11, and I-11 areas. A Blue Mage can make quick work of these using AoE attacks like Whirl of Rage and Benthic Typhoon, which should or nearly one-shot them. No need to engage and risk a critical hit that wouldn't count for a kill. Managed to get over 100 kills in a single Firesday (with a Soothing Healer NPC to minimize downtime). Be wary of the NM Chigoe, Sarcopsylla, which will be the third Chigoe in a normal group of two.