Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed H2h catsclaws
Reward Trial 116
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Trial 82 Trial 117Ice Trans Ice

Trial 125Earth Trans Earth

Trial 133Water Trans Water

Trial 141Dark Trans Dark


Defeat 50 experience-yielding monsters of the Crawlers family during Ice, Earth, Water, or Dark weather.

Eruca do not seem to count for this quest.
Good Locations:

  • Crawler's Nest There are easy prey Knight Crawlers on the second map (The map with the second exit to Rolanberry Fields) head to (E-8), the weather is common, just not constant. Can be done at lvl 85, not sure about 90, needs confirmation. can check weather conditions at the npc in jeuno for rolanberry zone or by useing mog spec in Rolanberry Fields to beable to check Crawlers' Nest's weather condition
  • Eruca in Mount Zhayolm do not count towards this. Tested on Aug. 13th/10 with Earth weather.
  • Nightmare Crawler in Dynamis - Buburimu will count towards this trial and always has double dark weather. Avoid the hours of 00:00-08:00 if you wish to avoid competition with other players (that is the Job Ability Weakness time for Nightmare Crawlers). The best time frame appears to be Magic weakness between 16:00-24:00 to avoid competition. Finished my 10 crawlers in under 30 minutes, when weather has not been available for the above zones for a full real day.

The Boyahda Tree seems to be the best place because of the Water weather can be more frequently in there.

Destination is The Boyahda Tree first map, (H-8)/(H-9), (H-6) and (D-5). (about 7 Crawlers)

Target is Worker Crawlers.
After testing every location listed, Rolanberry Fields (S) seems to be the best place, right by Crawlers' Nest (S). Rainy weather happens there frequently enough, much more than Crawlers' Nest or The Boyahda Tree and the crawlers are more clumped together unlike Pashhow Marshlands with level sync. If anyone is trying this I highly suggest Rolanberry Fields (S).

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