Start NPC Sylvie
Requirements KeyItem"Climbing"
Items Needed KeyItemHolla crystal of gales
KeyItemDem crystal of dunes
KeyItemMea crystal of flames
KeyItemPale azure cloth
KeyItemTreatise on azimuth clothcraft
Repeatable Yes, see Finishing Up
Reward Azimuth Coat, 10000 bayld, 15000 XP
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Geomancer Relic Armor Quests None


La Theine Plateau

Konschtat Highlands

  • Go to the Crag of Dem (I-7) in Konschtat Highlands and check the Ergon Locus ??? underneath the Telepoint. You will lose your KeyItemDem crystal of dunes.
  • This is a party fight. You do not need to have Geomancer set on main job to participate. Trusts are allowed for the fight, but Fellows are not. Buffs and TP will be reset.Exclamation
  • The enemy is an Otherworldly Rimester, a ghost.

Tahrongi Canyon

Finishing Up

Commissioning the Azimuth set

Armor Piece Ingredients
Azimuth Hood  Dragua's Scale  Siren's Hair  Khroma Ore
   20 High-purity Bayld
10 High-purity Bayld w/Idris
Azimuth Coat  Dragua's Scale  Arachne Thread  Star Sapphire
   30 High-purity Bayld
15 High-purity Bayld w/Idris
Azimuth Gloves  Dragua's Scale  Siren's Hair  Fiendish Skin
   15 High-purity Bayld
7 High-purity Bayld w/Idris
Azimuth Tights  Dragua's Scale  Siren's Hair  Arachne Thread
   10 High-purity Bayld
5 High-purity Bayld w/Idris
Azimuth Gaiters  Dragua's Scale  Fiendish Skin  Arachne Thread
   25 High-purity Bayld
12 High-purity Bayld w/Idris

Game Description

Sylvie (Adoulin Waterfront Western Adoulin)
Sylvie still has lingering doubts about her father. Meet up with her in Morimar Basalt Fields for moral support.
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