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After defeating foes in any of the areas listed below, there is a 10% chance that a Treasure Casket will appear. Depending on their fortunes, adventurers may encounter either blue Treasure Caskets (unlocked) or brown Treasure Caskets (locked). Unlocked caskets will open readily, allowing treasure hunters to immediately get their hands on their temporary item loot. You can have regular treasure rewards from the mob and have a treasure casket appear, as treasure caskets are independent of normal treasure.

Finding a Treasure Casket

After defeating mobs in any of the following zones, there is a 10% chance that a Treasure Casket will appear, and a 20% chance that the casket will be locked; this is not affected by the Treasure Hunter job trait. Under the Myriad Mystery Boxes Super Kupower for your area, these rates are doubled to a 20% drop rate of Treasure Caskets and a 40% chance that it will be locked. As of the May 9, 2011 version update, adventurers participating in Grounds of Valor (in applicable zones only), and who are granted the temporary Prowess Increased Treasure Casket Discovery, will encounter caskets at an increased rate.

West Ronfaure East Ronfaure La Theine Plateau Valkurm Dunes
Jugner Forest Batallia Downs North Gustaberg South Gustaberg
Konschtat Highlands Pashhow Marshlands Rolanberry Fields Xarcabard
Beaucedine Glacier West Sarutabaruta East Sarutabaruta Tahrongi Canyon
Buburimu Peninsula Meriphataud Mountains Sauromugue Champaign Qufim Island
Behemoth's Dominion Cape Teriggan Eastern Altepa Desert The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Ro'Maeve Yuhtunga Jungle Western Altepa Desert Valley of Sorrows
Ru'Aun Gardens Yhoator Jungle Inner Horutoto Ruins King Ranperre's Tomb
Ordelle's Caves Outer Horutoto Ruins Maze of Shakhrami Garlaige Citadel
Fei'Yin The Eldieme Necropolis Bostaunieux Oubliette Toraimarai Canal
Crawlers' Nest Dangruf Wadi Ranguemont Pass Zeruhn Mines
The Boyahda Tree

Opening a Treasure Casket

Treasure caskets can be opened by members of the party of the player that defeated the mob, and will automatically disappear after three minutes.

Blue (unlocked) caskets open readily. However, players attempting to open brown (locked) caskets will be prompted to enter a two-digit code between 10 and 99. Even though it says between 10 and 99, the numbers 10 and 99 are possibilities as well.

  • You are given between four and six attempts to guess the combination.
  • If you fail in one attempt, a hint will be given to point you in the right direction (either higher or lower).
  • Thieves can use tools to gain a free hint, without expending one of their attempts.
    • The only clues that you can obtain via Thief's Tools is a hint that tells you it's between 2 numbers, (e.g. its between 24 and 58) its usually a good idea to start with this clue.
    • Multiple tools may be used, however there is a low rate of success after the first.

When attempting to open one of these caskets, you can "examine the lock" in order to gain a hint about the code, or try and guess the code; both options will expend an "attempt".

  • The hints are not necessarily helpful, such as 5 of 6 hints describing the 2nd digit, but they are never misleading.
  • You may receive the message that "you are unable to glean anything from your examination of the lock.", but this is very rare.
  • If you have 6 attempts total and your first hint is "You have a hunch that the first digit is X, Y, or Z", you have won automatically. Because each number guess will tell you if you need to guess higher or lower in the future, you can split numbers in half until you succeed. This hint will give you a choice of 30 numbers, and then 15, and then 8, and then 4, and then 2. And because it's higher or lower, you know which one of those two is.

For example, when attempting to open a brown casket:

Examine Lock: "You have a hunch that the first digit is even." (5 attempts left)
Examine Lock: "You have a hunch that the combination is greater than 15 and less than 35." (4 attempts left)
Examine Lock: "You have a hunch that one of the two digits is 2." (3 attempts left)
Examine Lock: "You have a hunch that the second digit is 6, 7, or 8." (2 attempts left -- combination is 26, 27, or 28)
Tried entering 27, and the chest opened. (Note: In a situation where you know the combination is limited to three options and have 2 attempts left, it is best to start with the middle possibility as the initial guess. This provides that if you guess incorrectly, the resulting message will indicate whether the correct combination is the higher or lower number.)
See also: Casket Cracking 101 by Headache


Rewards from Treasure Caskets are not placed into the treasure pool, but can be retrieved by examining the casket and selecting the item to remove from it.

Blue caskets contain an assortment of temporary items to assist you in your battles, these temporary items carry the same properties and restrictions as temporary items obtained in other events.

  • A blue casket may contain several of the same item, but this does not enable a single player to retrieve more than one.
  • It is possible to have multiple caskets open at the same time, belonging to the same party.

Brown caskets house a variety of equipment and items, and for the most fortunate adventurers, even exclusive equipment not to be found elsewhere. Each zone containing treasure caskets has one item exclusive to caskets in that zone.

  • It is possible to unlock a brown casket and find an already possessed rare/ex item. However, due to the nature of rare/ex items, it is not possible to carry two of the same rare/ex item.
  • It is possible that more than one of the same rare/ex item can be found in the same casket.

Rewards by Area

Area-Specific Rewards (new format)

 Area  Item  Type  RareExclusive
 Eastern Altepa Desert  Casaba Melon Tank  Back  R/E
 Western Altepa Desert  Galkan Dagger  Dagger  R/E
 Batallia Downs  Mokusa  Great katana  R/E
 Beaucedine Glacier  Haraldr's Mufflers  Neck  R/E
 Behemoth's Dominion  Gothic Sabatons  Feet  R/E
 Bostaunieux Oubliette  Melaco Mittens  Hands  R
 The Boyahda Tree  Dragonkin Earring  Earring  R
 The Boyahda Tree  Carver's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Buburimu Peninsula  Pestle  Staff  R/E
 Cape Teriggan  Sirocco Axe  Axe  R/E
 Crawlers' Nest  Cocoon Band  Head  R
 Dangruf Wadi  Field Rope  Waist  R/E
 Den of Rancor  Rancorous Mantle  Back  R
 Den of Rancor  Goldsmith's Torque  Neck  R/E
 The Eldieme Necropolis  Ossa Grip  Grip  R
 Fei'Yin  Dagda's Shield  Shield  R
 Garlaige Citadel  Metasoma Katars  Hand-to-hand  R
 Gusgen Mines  Field Torque  Neck  R/E
 North Gustaberg  Rambler's Cloak  Body  R/E
 South Gustaberg  Bronze Bandolier  Waist  R/E
 Gustav Tunnel  Liminus Earring  Earring  R/E
 Gustav Tunnel  Culinarian's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Inner Horutoto Ruins  Numen Staff  Staff  R
 Outer Horutoto Ruins  Fisher's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Ifrit's Cauldron  Smithy's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Jugner Forest  Pinwheel Belt  Waist  R/E
 King Ranperre's Tomb  Chocobo Torque  Neck  R/E
 Konschtat Highlands  Attar of Roses  Ammo  R/E
 Korroloka Tunnel  Brachyura Earring  Earring  R
 Kuftal Tunnel  Wizzan Grip  Grip  R
 La Theine Plateau  Desperado Ring  Ring  R/E
 Labyrinth of Onzozo  Furtive Grip  Grip  R
 Maze of Shakhrami  Fisher's Rope  Waist  R/E
 Meriphataud Mountains  Mammut  Great axe  R/E
 Ordelle's Caves  Chocobo Rope  Waist  R/E
 Pashhow Marshlands  Wurger  Bow  R/E
 Qufim Island  Custodes  Hand-to-hand  R/E
 Quicksand Caves  Tanner's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Ranguemont Pass  Grapevine Cape  Back  R
 Rolanberry Fields  Rambler's Gaiters  Feet  R/E
 Ro'Maeve  Diana Corona  Head  R/E
 East Ronfaure  Surviver  Great sword  R/E
 West Ronfaure  Blind Ring  Ring  R/E
 Ru'Aun Gardens  Caract Choker  Neck  R/E
 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah  Rossignol  Polearm  R/E
 East Sarutabaruta  Pile Chain  Neck  R/E
 West Sarutabaruta  Firefly  Gun  R/E
 Sauromugue Champaign  Herder's Subligar  Legs  R/E
 Sea Serpent Grotto  Mana Ampulla  Ammo  R
 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau  Terminus Earring  Earring  R/E
 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau  Weaver's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Tahrongi Canyon  Protect Earring  Earring  R/E
 Temple of Uggalepih  Boneworker's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Toraimarai Canal  Bond Cape  Back  R
 Upper Delkfutt's Tower  Potestas Bomblet  Ammo  R
 Valkurm Dunes  Phlegethon's Trousers  Legs  R/E
 Valley of Sorrows  Daedalus Hammer  Club  R/E
 Ve'Lugannon Palace  Alchemist's Torque  Neck  R/E
 Xarcabard  Gothic Gauntlets  Hands  R/E
 Yhoator Jungle  Beluga  Scythe  R/E
 Yuhtunga Jungle  Buccaneer's Scimitar  Sword  R/E
 Zeruhn Mines  Prouesse Ring  Ring  R/E

Area-Specific Rewards (old format)