Start NPC Vaulois - Western Adoulin (H-6)
Requirements Adoulin Reputation 2
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 experience/limit points

300 bayld

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None None


  • Speak to Vaulois at (H-6) to receive a KeyItemMisdelivered parcel.
  • Go to the Adoulin Waterfront and speak to Kongramm in front of the warehouse at (I-5).
  • Enter Rala Waterways at (F-5).
  • Once inside, take the first right and click on a ??? at (C-6).
  • Return to Vaulois for your reward.

Game Description

Vaulois (Road to the Waterfront, Western Adoulin)
A mysterious package has been accidentally delivered to the wrong address. Take it with you to the warehouse on the Adoulin Waterfront so that it can be hauled to its proper recipient.
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