Type: BCNM
Zone: Ghelsba Outpost

Level: 30
Members: 6
Time: 30 minutes

Orb: Sky Orb (30 Beastmen's Seals)





Toadbolster x 1



Toadcushion x 1



Toadpillow x 1



Toadsquab x 1



Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown groupings:
Scroll of Utsusemi: Ni (???%)
Mannequin Hands (???%)
Mannequin Head (???%)
Mannequin Body (???%)
Magician's Shield (???%)
Warlock's Mantle (???%)
Beater's Aspis (???%)
Genin Mantle (???%)
Pilferer's Aspis (???%)
Trimmer's Mantle (???%)
King Truffle (???%)
Scroll of Erase (???%)
Mercenary's Targe (???%)
Seedbed Soil (???%)
Scroll of Phalanx (???%)


  • All Funguar can use Queasyshroom (Poison effect), Shakeshroom (Disease effect), and Numbshroom (Paralyze effect) provided they have the proper shroom in the cap on their head. They do not need to build TP to use these.
  • May cause a dust cloud effect when they recharge the shrooms on their head. Will not happen all the time.
  • Each Funguar have their own special attack that they use.
    • Toadcushion will use Dark Spore: Cone Blind and damage.
    • Toadsquab will use Spore: Single target Paralyze.
    • Toadpillow will use Frog Kick: Single target damage.
    • Toadbolster will use Silence Gas: Cone Silence and damage.
      • Dark Spore and Silence Gas are breath attacks and can cause extreme damage if their users are still at high levels of HP.
  • White Mage or a White Mage Support Job for at least 2 jobs is recommended due to all the status effects.
  • Immune to Sleep, including from Lullaby and Sheep Song. Can be bound and weighed down.
  • Echo Drops are highly recommended.


Historical Background

Aside from all the monsters being named after objects used for resting, the name Toadal Recall is doubtless an homage to the 1990's film "Total Recall".

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