Monipulator Overview

Type: Aquans
Family: Toads
Weak against: Birds
Strong against: Trans Water
Killer Trait: Amorph Killer
Size: Small
Movement Speed: Information

These small creatures once hailed from Windurst, but now their numbers are so low, an adventurer could consider themselves lucky to encounter them. It is said they inhabited the ponds of West Sarutabaruta during the Great War, but they have since retreated to the depths of the Toraimarai Canal. Toads are often enslaved by Poroggos for use in combat.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsMonster AbilitiesTraitsInstincts

Monster Skills

Level  Name
---   No Monster Skills

Monster Abilities

Level  Name
01  Mighty Strikes
15  Berserk
25  Defender
35  Warcry
45  Aggressor
75 (Merit)  Warrior's Charge
77  RestraintExclamation
87  Blood RageExclamation

Monster Traits

Level  Name
10  Defense Bonus
15  Resist Virus
25  Double Attack
30  Attack Bonus
35  Resist Virus II
45  Fencer (No effectExclamation)
55  Resist Virus III
58  Fencer II (No effectExclamation)
70  Resist Virus IV
71  Fencer III (No effectExclamation)
Level  Name
75 (Merit)  Savagery
75 (Merit)  Aggressive Aim (No effect)
78  Critical Attack Bonus
80  Shield Defense Bonus (No effect)
81  Resist Virus V
84  Fencer IV (No effectExclamation)
86  Defense Bonus II
86  Critical Attack Bonus II
91  Attack Bonus II
97  Fencer V (No effectExclamation)

Instincts Learned

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost Level
Toad Instinct I HP+50 AGI+7 Evasion+13 2 30
Toad Instinct II Elemental Magic Casting Time-10% 5 60
Toad Instinct III Haste+20% 30 90

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