Mission Name To the Victor...
Number 3-4-1
Title Granted Boomy and Busty
Repeatable No
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The Man in Black An Extraordinary Gentleman


  • This mission begins during the cutscene that ends The Man in Black, and ends in that same cutscene as well if you are successful, instantly added it to your completed list and flagging An Extraordinary Gentleman.
  • Beat Teodor in Boom or Bust. Best out of five games wins.
    • During the cutscene, Bastingart will explain the rules if you ask for them.
    • If you fail to beat Teodor, you must talk to Masad twice to try again.
    • If you wish to skip this minigame, you may purchase the "Card Jailer Teodor" key item (that Masad will accept) from the Curio Vendor Moogle for 1,000 gil. If you choose this option, you must to go back to Masad and speak with him for a final cutscene with Teodor.

Boom or Bust

  • Boom or Bust essentially works like a competitive game of Phantom Roll, whoever is closest to 11 without going over wins. There are three tricks that can tip the odds in one person's favor.
  • At the start of each round, each player can choose to shoot, stay, fold, or use a trick.
    • Shoot rolls the dice and adds it to the total. Each shot is listed separately.
    • Stay means the player does nothing else for that game. When both players stay, the game ends and totals are compared to determine the winner.
    • Fold allows the player to end the game entirely.
    • There are three tricks. The player can use one of these per game:
      • "Sneak Peak" lets you see one of Teodor's dice rolls. He does not appear to use it on you.
      • "Switcheroo" lets the player swap one of their rolls with one of their opponent's rolls.
      • "Crooked Dice" forces the opponent to reroll one of their rolls.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Teodor has challenged you to a game of chance. Win a best-of-five to hear his opinion on the Ygnas incident.