Start NPC Peladi Shalmohr - Western Adoulin Mummers' Coalition (G-10)
Items Needed One of the following:
Fruit Parfait
Felicifruit Gelatin
Ulbuconut Milk
Senroh Skewer
Adoulinian Soup
Seafood Paella
Title Granted The Lovelorn
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 EXP/limit points
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All the Way to the Bank A Barrel of Laughs


  • Travel to (G-10) Western Adoulin and speak with Peladi Shalmohr to activate the quest. Must wait for next game day after previous quest.
  • Travel to (J-11) Western Adoulin and check the Mischief Marker for a cutscene.
  • Tuffle-Buffle requests your input to help Musto-Rusto win over his love, Minnifi. (Bold entries seem to work 100% of the time.)
  • You should choose Senroh Skewer as the food item, as it is the only item that can be obtained from a vendor (Malgrom at E-8 in Eastern Adoulin).
  • Trade the chosen food item to the Mischief Marker for a cutscene.
  • Choices seem not to matter; eventually the final cutscene with Minnifi Delqabba and Patrillaut will play.
    • Qiqirn hood, I heard you're a great cook, a lively jig, and Senroh Skewer worked 1/1 for at least seven players' quests.
    • Qiqirn hood, I heard you're a great cook, a panic attack, and Senroh Skewer failed and required additional food items.

After a long cutscene, you'll get the reward of 1,000 XP or limit points and a rise in your management skill by 0.2.

Game Description

Peladi Shalmohr (Mummers' Coalition, Western Adoulin)
Tarutaru Sauce threatens to deplete the Mummers' Coalition's profits yet again, and Peladi Shalmohr would have you stop them before they dip into the red. Stop gawking and get at it!