Start NPC Nantoto - Lower Jeuno (H-8)
Requirements Complete 150 separate objectives in Records of Eminence, including the RoE Quests objective "Petals of Recollection"
Title Granted Observer of Fateful Cubes
Repeatable No
Reward Copper Voucher x12
New RoE Quests unlocked
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Petals of Recollection Golden Rule
Panta Rhei
Leonine Excruciation
Shiver Me Timbers
Go With the Flow
Over Ninety-Thousand
Minnow Wrangler


Unlocking Additional RoE Quests

Game Description

Nantoto (Lower Jeuno)
For adventurers of incredible aptitude whose feats in Records of Eminence are household topics of discussion: make some Yagudo High Priests in Castle Oztroja pray to their maker!
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