Mission Name To Each His Own Right
Number 3-1
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Items Needed Key ItemStarway Stairway Bauble
Reward Key ItemStarway Stairway Bauble
Rank points
Repeatable No
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The Three Kingdoms Written in the Stars

Quest: Onion Rings

Replay Cutscenes
To Each His Own Right (pt.1) Mashua Heavens Tower
To Each His Own Right Goblin Footprint Castle Oztroja, Map 1 (F-8)
To Each His Own Right (pt.2) Mashua Heavens Tower


Accept the Mission

Castle Oztroja

Castle Oztroja

  • Go out to Castle Oztroja.
  • Go to the door at (I-8) of the first map. You have to pull the levers until a trap door opens beneath you and a cut-scene will begin. You must stand between the two levers to trigger the cut-scene and drop down.
    • Note: If you choose to walk out from this trap door room have Invisible and Sneak as the bats agro on sound. The mobs outside check as Easy Prey at 50.
    • Note: If being assisted or assisting someone on this mission, the individual who has the mission flagged must hit the lever to get the cutscene.
  • (Separate Quest) Even if you don't have the quest Onion Rings active you can still retrieve the Key ItemOld Ring. After the cut-scene, click on the round trap door in the floor to obtain the key item: Key ItemOld Ring.
    • Clicking it a second time will cause you to fall down the hole.
  • Go back to Heavens Tower in Windurst Walls and speak to Rhy Epocan to finish the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
On the command of Semih Lafihna, captain of the Sibyl Guards, you are requested to track down the Minister of the Orastery, Ajido-Marujido, and discover his true intentions. Inquire at the Orastery if you lose track of him.