Start NPC Nenne - Southern San d'Oria (F-6)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 3
Items Needed KeyItemThyme Moss
Title Granted A Moss Kind Person
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemScroll of Treasure
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The Medicine Woman None
This quest does not show up on your quest log until finished.


  • Talk to Nenne, who can be found in the third house in Watchdog Alley. After talking with her, you will now have access to page 3 of the diary.
  • Page 3 may not be viewed while the quest The Medicine Woman is active, but will show up immediately after completion.
  • Go to the top floor of the first house in Watchdog Alley (G-7), there is a diary. You must read one page in order for the next one to show up, so you have to read the pages in order. If you do not get the option to read all three pages, you may not have enough fame. Page 3 tells you what item is needed to cure a cough.
  • Speak with Amaura in the second house in Watchdog Alley. She asks you to bring her some KeyItemThyme Moss.
  • KeyItemThyme Moss can be found by clicking on the ??? at (F-9) in Davoi, the Orcish stronghold. To get there you must enter the river at (H-8) or (J-10) (the J-10 route is probably safer as it allows you to bypass the high-level mobs in the central part of Davoi) and travel west through the river to get to the land at (D-8). Next go east all the way till you find a plank of wood. Under the plank is the ???.
  • Return to Amaura and she will give you some KeyItemCough Medicine.
  • Take the syrup to Nenne, who will give you a KeyItemScroll of Treasure as a reward. Now the quest will appear on your completed quests list.

Game Description

Amaura (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
Bring Amaura some thyme moss, and she'll concoct a brew with curative powers.
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