Start NPC Raamimi - Windurst Walls (F-7)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 2
Items Needed Honey x4
Repeatable No
Reward Mulsum x 3
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The Postman Always K.O.s Twice None


Game Description

Raamimi (Rock podium, Windurst Walls)
Zayhi-Bauhi, the old man who constantly gives public speeches by the bridge to Heavens Tower, has come down with a sore throat. Follow Raamimi's advice on how to sooth this little pain in the neck.

Historical Background

The title of this quest is a play on words of the phrase "to be, or not to be" which comes from William Shakespeare's Hamlet (written about 1600), act three, scene one. It is one of the most famous quotations in world literature and the best-known of this particular play. The soliloquy is spoken in the play by the play's eponymous character, Hamlet.

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