Start NPC Green Thumb Moogle - Mog Garden
Requirements KeyItem"MHMU Treatise on Agronomy"
KeyItem"MHMU Treatise on Minerals"
KeyItem"MHMU Treatise on Forestry"Exclamation
KeyItem"MHMU Treatise on Fish I"Exclamation
KeyItem"MHMU Treatise on Fish II"Exclamation
Items Needed Drill Calamary
Calico Comet
Philosopher's Stone
Title Granted Wibbly Wobbly Woozy Warrior
Repeatable No
Reward Straw Hat corresponding to your character's sex
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Hypnotic Hospitality Glittering Gals


Game Description

Green Thumb Moogle (Mog Garden)
The Great Kupellion has come to your Mog Garden to help cure the MHMU scholars' wibbly wobbly woozies. He will need drill calamary from the coastal fishing net, a calico comet from the pond, and a philosopher's stone from a mineral vein.
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