Tigris stone

Tigris Stone
This stone disk taken from an
Orcish officer bears a crudely
engraved tiger crest. It can be
used as an access pass to Darkheir
command center in
La Vaule.
Used In Mission:
Killing Orcs in La Vaule (S)

Can be acquired even if Splitting Heirs is NOT your current Campaign mission. It is required to enter the mission battlefield located at (F-9), and will appear for all party members as a random drop from slain Orcs in the zone. It seems that when an alliance is formed, the drop rate decreases.

  • Not True.* I'm affiliated with Bastok, don't have any campaign ops active, and still got one to drop off an Orcish Augur.
    • (Verified: I'm San d'Orian and was farming Gnole Pellets off Cupholders - got one when San d'Oria had all zones)
      • (Confirmed: I too am San d'Orian and had top Rank in Campaign. I obtained it under Allied Tags effect off a normal Orc that agroed me. San d'Oria had control of all zones in its region at the time. I also had 0 Operation points at the time and had Nothing as my current Operation mission.)
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