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Monstrosity Guide

Questions, comments or concerns can be brought to me via the talk page or in game on Fenrir server Tiffeny

This Guide was written to provide a little bit better and more complete level breakdown then the in game recommendations, and to share any tips and tricks to make it more enjoyable.

I hope to make this as close to a complete guide as I can, too include the PvP aspect as well as rewards from it just takes time.


Important Notes

  • The key to making this guide work for you will be to look for the T-IT-- and chain them.
  • How ever that may not always be the case based on your type of Monipulator, may need to add or subtract a level or two to this guide.
  • Keep in mind time is exp. Or time divided by exp = yeild
    • I.E. it takes you 5 mins to kill an IT for 600, when you can kill a T for a little less in less then half the time, you more often then not gain more this way via exp chains.
      • So keep that chain going!
  • Considering the above remember this guides purpose is to help you decided where you CAN kill at each level.
  • Favorited paths will be highlighted. Others will be considered alt areas.
  • Belligerency is fairly safe to enter on Fenrir server however I cannot say it will be on all servers.

Records of Eminence in Monstrosity

There are quite a few RoE pages that can be done while partacking in Monstrosity for some sparks farming and bonus exp.

RoE Belligerency

The following Spoils RoE pages may be completed with Belligerency and in the following areas.

  • Conquest rules apply, if it is under Beastmen control you will not obtain crystals.

The appropriate Geodes pages based on the current day of the week and/or weather may also be completed.

Buburimu Peninsula


Uleguerand Range

Instinct Recommendations

These are rough suggestions for what instincts too add, will work on more of a break down later. Check out Talk:Tiffeny's Monstrosity Guide for more until I get them added.

Melee Instincts

[Roc Instinct II||STR+15||"Double Attack"+1%||"Store TP"+6||--||7
Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost
Dragoon's InstinctHP+5% Accuracy+40 Conserve TP+10 --15
Dark Knight's InstinctSTR+10 Attack+50 Resist Sleep+30 --15
Warrior's InstinctSTR+10 Attack+25 Double Attack+5% --15
Thief's InstinctDEX+10 Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3%--15
Bat Instinct I STR+5 Trans Dark+30 Accuracy+10 -- 2
Dhalmel Instinct IMND+5 Attack+20 Cure Potency+10% -- 4
Hippogryph Instinct I DEX+10 Accruracy+20 Evasion+10 -- 6
Sheep Instinct I HP+5% Attack+10 DEF+15 -- 4
Galka's Instinct IIVIT+3 HP+2% Regen+1 --4

Mage Instincts

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost
Black Mage's InstinctINT+10 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Elemental Magic Casting Time-10%--15
Red Mage's InstinctMagic Accuracy+5 Magic Defense Bonus+5 Resist Petrify+30 Fast Cast+10 15
Geomancer's InstinctHP+10% Conserve MP+10 Elemental Magic Casting Time-10% --15
Panopt Instinct I MP+150 Wind Trans Wind+30 Magic Attack Bonus+5 -- 8
Tarutaru's Instinct IIINT+3 MP+2% Refresh+1 -- 4

Hybrid Instincts

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost

Monster Correlation Effects

This will be sure to add some controversy to this all.

While yes Killer Effects to take place a lot in monstrosity, it doesn't seem to have a huge impact overall. That being said its something that shouldn't be completely overlooked. For example, Tiger (MON) vs Caveberry other then the occasional intimidates, was quick exp. or Legendary Roc vs Rockmill. Once again was fast kills due to the low hp and def of the worm only minor intimidates here and there. That being stated there still is an advantage for going after something that is weak to you class. As each MON seems to have its own weaknesses and strengths keeping this all in mind will help you pick a better place to level/farm infamy. For now Im short on ideas on a good way to incorporate this into the guide other then to write a new guide for each class and that is too time consuming. This will all be moved to the talk page after I start adding some things to it.

Before Leaving

Before leaving Feretory double check your instincts, RoE pages, and possibly your MONs name.

Additionally you can now purchase buffs from Teyrnon that are similar to Fields of Valor buffs.

NameEffect Duration Infamy Cost
Dedication 1 50% experience bonus 60 minutes or until a maximum bonus of 10,000 EXP is gained 3,000
Dedication 2 100% experience bonus 60 minutes or until a maximum bonus of 2,000 EXP is gained 400
Regen Gradually restores HP. 60 minutes 10
Refresh Gradually restores MP. 60 minutes 10
Protect Enhances target's defense. 30 minutes 100
Shell Enhances target's magic defense. 30 minutes 100
Haste Increases target's attack speed. 30 minutes 100

Small and Medium Class

Levels 1-50

Levels 1-14

Just go to your favorite starting area and kill whatever you like until lv14 or 15

Levels 14-24

Valkurm Dunes Start off with Lizzards moving to crabs then to pugils.

Levels 14-24/??

Buburimu Peninsula Start off near the outpost (E-7) and working you way inward. Can kinda just grind here with belligerency on and do some infamy farming until 30.

Levels 24-32

Qufim Island chain crabs and pugs until about 30 then start throwing in leeches.

Levels 30-42

Beaucedine Glacier Can come here as early as 30 killing Tundra Tigers that are scattered throughout the zone working your way down/up to the goblin camp at (G-10)/(H-10). You should be able to kill them no problem at level 32-34. Keep your eye open for links though.

Levels 40-50/??

Xarcabard Start off roaming and killing Lost Souls, can kind of camp (F-7/8) area if you wanted. Or can head over to the Eastern side of (I-7) and kill giants. Move to Demons around 43-44 either over by the Castle Zvahl Baileys or the upper hill that leads to Uleguerand Range, (G-7) (H-7), to (J-6) near the Boreal Tiger. Around level 48 mobs will start checking EM. If you choose the upper hill keep an eye open for Duke Focalor.

Levels 38-56

Crawler's Nest Kill crawlers until you can kill the low beetles then move onto the helm beetles

Levels 50-99

Levels 52-68/??

Uleguerand Range Area 1 You CAN come here at 50 but will be slow going. Recommended to just stick to the VT's here. This may be a bit tricky if you go in with Belligerency, because of the wide level range of the mobs here. Just do the best you can and make for the Xarcabard zone where you will start on Variable Hares. I would advise pulling to the zone, canyon ramp, or (H-11) canyon. Because your not going to want to arrgo a Uleguerand Tiger at this level. Start tossing in Snolls at 54 and tigers at 56. Area 2 Lv60 can start with the Polar Hares but be on the look out for the Nival Raptors they may pose a bit of a threat and are slow kills at this level. And Skvader the NM rabbit. Can switch to them about lv 63-64. Do this until 68.

Levels 56-63

Cape Teriggan Start by the zone to Kuftal Tunnel killing rabbits and lizard working way in towards the outpost swinging your way to the beach. Toss in goblins when you can take them.

Levels 63-70

Bhaflau Thickets Head to the Colibris there are two camps to choose from, one being at the tower (F-9) which is the safer one stretching to (G/H-8) though keep an eye on the crawlers and trolls there. The other is (G-7) (F-6) basically the most NW portion of the map. Here you need to watch out for the treants and bats.

Levels 68-78

Caedarva Mire Here you will be fighting Heraldic Imps, in the (J/K-8)/(J-7) area on map 1. The only arrgo mobs are the imps and the Jnuns and they are asleep during the day. This area is nice because of the imps low hp so you get fast kills with a lot of exp.

levels 78-86

Gusgen Mines Start with Rockmills moving to Madfly when worms start checking DC on map 2. The worms will start checking T around level 82 you can move onto the flies or stick with faster kills for another level. The flies will start checking T around 84 trudge through one more level.

levels 84-92

Garlaige Citadel Start with Donjon Bats and Fortalice Bats moving to Warden Beetles on the basement floor. Can come here as early as 84 but will be slow going for a bit. Probably best to stick to the donjons because the fortalice are a pain as they can Sonic Boom. Might also be having acc issues early on. Can switch to the beetles at 88 without problems. Just note that they do link.

levels 93-99

Fei'Yin sadly haven't found anything better then this if your wanting to 99 something best to wait for a double exp then go here, or to grab Dedication 1. Bats moving to ghosts.

Large Class

Levels 1-50

Levels 1-14

Just go to your favorite starting area and kill whatever you like until lv14 or 15

Woring on it currently, results will be posted in small/med class for now until complete. Just look for the zones that large can use. Refer to Monipulator Size for now, sorry for any inconvenience.

Levels 50-99

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