Thunderbolt (Behemoth) has an identical name. If an internal link incorrectly referred you to this page, please change the link to point directly to Thunderbolt (Behemoth).

Deals Lightning damage in an area of effect. Additional effect: Stun


  • Family:Raptor
  • Type: Magical
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: Ignores shadows
  • Range:
    • Raptor: Cone AoE, unknown distance
  • Notes:
    • For raptors, this is one of the three breath moves they can use, the other two being Foul Breath and Frost Breath. Any raptor can only use one of these moves; which breath is used is dependent on the overall climate of the area the raptor is in. Thunderbolt is used by raptors in stormy areas, such as Sauromugue Champaign.