Mission Name Through the Quicksand Caves
Number ZM6
Requirements Key ItemLoadstone or minimum one Galka, three Tarutarus, or two of any other race combination.
Level 65+
Repeatable Only to help others
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Headstone Pilgrimage The Chamber of Oracles

Antica Positions


Make sure you have a Key ItemLoadstone or the appropriate people before starting.

  • The fastest way to reach the fight is via Home Point #1 of Quicksand Caves which warps you to the entrance of the Chamber of Oracles. If so, skip to the next section for the fight, otherwise, follow these steps to reach the Chamber of Oracles:
  • Another fast option is having a friend with the HP access, ask him to teleport there and exit to Western Altepa Desert going to west. Then, you can use Nexus Cape and walk back to Chamber of Oracles.
  • Otherwise, here is the long way. You will want to start on a Chocobo, because it is a very.... Very.. long way.
    • Head to (C-11) of Western Altepa Desert. There's a small area on the map that leads into a tunnel (D-11) through to a hidden area.
    • Head down the ramp to (D-12) into Quicksand Caves.
    • You need some form of Sneak to avoid aggro from the Antica and Sabotenders in the caves.
      • There is a Grounds Tome at the entrance where you can get Circumspection.
    • Travel towards (I-9) and step on the circular pad to open door.
      • This pad requires a total weight value of 3 to open or a Key ItemLoadstone. Weight values are as follows: Galka = 3 weight units, Hume/Mithra/Elvaan = 2 units, Tarutaru = 1 weight unit.
      • Possession of the key item Loadstone will also open weight-triggered doors in Quicksand Caves.
    • Head west and step on the pad at (H-7) to open next door.
    • Enter the next room and drop down the hole in the floor at (F-7).
    • This drops you into a hidden area. Hug the left wall with Sneak up until you reach the Chamber of Oracles zone at (D-4).
    • When ready, examine the Shimmering Circle to enter the fight.


  • The fight is very easy at level 85+ with Trust.
  • (see testimonials)
  • Buffs wear upon entering the fight except food. You do not lose EXP if you die within the battlefield.
  • The 6 party member battlefield consists of the following enemies, and should be fought in this order:
  • The PLD should be the first target due to its Resist Sleep trait, and ability to heal and buff itself and its comrades.
  • BLM likes to spam Sleepga. Poison potions are useful.
  • Elemental Seal and Sleepga II are a good way to start this battle off. A 70 Black Mage using Elemental Seal + Sleepga II can sleep all 3 easily. They will all likely be buffed with Protect and/or Shell from the PLD so make sure to dispel these.
  • All enemies can use their appropriate One Hour Ability.
  • Beware Eagle Eye Shot from the RNG (commonly used at 60% HP); it hits hard enough to take out party members with little defense.
  • Blink tanks may have trouble maintaining shadows against the RNG due to its fast rate of attacks.
  • The BLM is capable of being silenced, rendering its Manafont useless.
  • Upon defeating the 3 Antica you will appear in another area of the Chamber of Oracles; this is the start of the next mission. Do not leave this room before you have completed ZM7 tasks. The only way to reach this room is to fight the 3 Antica.
    • If you are going to do more than one Zilart Mission 6 fight, after gathering the pedestals, head out of the gate. You will end up in Quicksand Caves again. Hug the right wall and you will re-appear at the entrance to the Chamber of Oracles.


See the Video page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You must hurry to Zepwell Island's ancient temple.