Mission Name Three Paths
Number PM5-3
Start NPC Cid Metalworks (H-8)
Title Granted Treader of an Icy Past
Reward 1000 Experience Points/Limit Points for each battlefield cleared.
Trust: Shikaree Z
Parent Mission Sub-Missions
The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path)
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path)
Past Sins (Louverance's Path)
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Desires of Emptiness For Whom the Verse is Sung
Replay Cutscenes
Three Paths Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)


This mission, in short, consists of two dungeons as well as defeating a Notorious Monster and clearing three battlefields.

  • Head to the Metalworks and talk to Cid (H-8) to get started.
    • If you talked to Cid at the end of the previous mission, you have already started this mission. Check your Mission log to see if "The Three Paths" is listed.
    • It does not matter which path you choose when you talk to Cid as they can be completed in any order.
    • You can be working on more than one section at a time.
  • Complete all three paths below to complete the mission.
The Pursuit of Paradise
(Tenzen's Path)
Where Messengers Gather
(Ulmia's Path)
Past Sins
(Louverance's Path)

After completing all three paths, talk with Perih Vashai to receive Trust: Shikaree Z.

  • After receiving the mission "One to Be Feared,", it will not be possible to obtain this alter ego between boarding the airship and meeting Shikaree Z again in "Chains and Bonds," nor between receiving the mission "The Warrior's Path" and defeating the final boss in the mission "Dawn."

Game Description

Mission Orders
To break the Wyrmking's pact, you must locate the Keeper of the Apocalypse as quickly as possible. To do that you must first learn more of Al'Taieu, as well as find Prishe and the mysterious boy.