3 mage gate

Three Mage Gate

Toraimarai Composite

Composite map to the Three Mage Gate

This impressive door is found deep in the Inner Horutoto Ruins. There are three ways to get past this door:

The Portal Charm can be obtained after completing Windurst Mission 3-2: Written in the Stars or even without doing so, later on. See the Discussion page of the Charm for more information.

You will need access through this gate for:

Windurst Mission 3-2: Written in the Stars
Windurst Mission 8-2: The Jester who'd be King
Aspir scroll quest: Making the Grade
Black Mage AF3: The Root of the Problem
The Forbidden Path (Wings of the Goddess - Windurst Path - Quest 9)
Anything involving Toraimarai Canal (although this area can be accessed directly from Windurst Walls by anyone possessing a Rhinostery Certificate).
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