This was a project I've been meaning to do for a while, so I finally knuckled down for a couple of nights last week with a lot of tea and got on with it.

I've uploaded *all* of the item icons in the game at the moment with the format #####.png (inc. transparency), as you'd expect.

To complement this, and the work we've done with section Item Image, I've created Category:Item Index. This lists all Item articles, in alphabetical order, whether we have them on the site yet or not. It displays their:

  • Icon ID - which btw can also be used for direct links, rather than relying on text-matching. I'm currently using this as the reference when updating icon ids into {{Item Statistics}}.
  • Icon - this was mainly so I could double-check that they were all uploaded, but also to give a home to the majority of the images that would otherwise currently be orphans.
  • Article name - removing all of the abbreviations from the game's inventory name to FFXIclopedia's article naming convention was a huge job (about 10% of all items), and I'm glad it's done. There will be a minute amount of mistakes for fringe cases, which I am correcting as I review, simultaneously updating my source spreadsheet.
  • Item Image - pulled in with our favourite #lst. It enables us to at a glance see if these images are outdated, badly cropped, missing (redlink) or without the lst formatting (blanks). I think there's at least one other editor that will appreciate this!

So, further to my previous post below regards {{I}} and {{In}}, I've added all of the icon ids for Articles appearing on the Expert Recipes page manually (as well as a smattering of newer articles I've added, or old ones I've updated ove rthe last couple of months). Would it be possible to bot the rest in? I have a spreadsheet that lists Item ID (icon id) versus Article Name (as per the index, so I reckon 99% correct).

edit: I meant to ask, with regards Category:Item Index, I created {{NavItemIndex}}, which I'm almost happy with. The only issue I have with it is that whichever page you visit with it on, it defaults to the first tab rather than the tab with the open page on as you'd expect. I had a look through tabber's info, but I couldn't find any mention of being able to set the default tab to something other than the first. Any ideas, or alternatives you can think of? It's not a huge issue, as the category is really a page for editors and not for regular users.

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