• Hello, it's me again, bugging you about something else. And how was your day? I tracked down what seems to be a Fishing Template formatting error to this update ( done by Karubot on May 28, 2017. I chose this example because it uses the current fishing template, though it seems to have happened to every fish I've checked. If you'll notice, the asterisk in front of every line item moved to the left one space into the adjacent column, with the far left Location column ones gone altogether. This is what the template displayed at the previous edit ( The legend at the bottom also appears to be missing, unless that only appears if one of the legend items is referenced. It should still appear, though.

    Thanks for your efforts in the stuff you do.

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    • Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out. It should be fixed soon, if it isn't already. It was due to a mistake that I made when I adjusted the "ffxi-table" class the other day.

      The legend was missing there because the {{Fishing}} template wasn't being used, but I've fixed that now as well.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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