• No input necessary, just wanted to show something!

    I've designed a table and appropriate templates for eg, weapon category pages.


    The first 40 examples have been checked and formatted, the rest of the page is a mess that I'm updating article-by-article.

    This uses #dpl to pull the damage and delay out of the Item Statistics template and then runs a calculation on them to create base dps.

    I've also used #dpl to pull the item image filename out of the article's {{Item Image}}, which I think basically means that #lst is now obsolete? Rather than continue to manually add in missing labelled sections, I'm going to strip that out of as much referential code as I can now and go straight to the template. As far as I understand it from the #dpl manual, there is no extra processing overhead to directed #dpl like this in comparison to #lst (#dpl is only an processing issue when it involves collating data from across the entire wiki, like WhatLinksHere if I understand it right)

    Dammit I wish I'd understood this better a couple of months ago!

    Finally, one weird behaviour I noted was that sorting the table by Name resulted in articles that had an apostrophe within their title somewhere appearing out of order at the top... odd. Fixed by using PAGENAME: encoding in the template for a data-sort-order= property... in case you ever run into something similar!

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    • Yep, it turns out Labeled Section Transclusion is just a safer, narrower version of Dynamic Page Lists, so we really don't have too much use for LST. I was under the impression that LST is more efficient than DPL, but it seems they're pretty much the same when used the same way. Oh well. At least that makes things cleaner going forward.

      As a side note, make sure to protect any templates that use DPL, especially if they'll be widely used - we really don't need someone who doesn't know what they're doing tinkering with DPL in a template.

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    • Understood, shall do from now on.

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