• In User:Karuberu's update to bring all items under {{Item Statistics}}, the way to record alternate food effects (ie for Galka/Mithra) is in its own section. Check the template page for an example^^

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    • Sorry, no offense, but I'm not checking the template page for something I'm never going to do (nor anyone else, for that matter), as there must be a lot of raw food pages to waste time tracking down and re-entering info. I guess all the info ppl entered (which is still there in the old/new template) is just going to disappear. Oh, well.

      p.s. And the template pages in general need an example for every single line item, and a corresponding list of acceptable choices for each line item.

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    • None taken, just letting you know what I'd seen Karu up to! :)

      If you have a concern about data loss of this info, feel free to bring it up on his wall - it's likely something he overlooked by accident, and it's also likely he'll be able to automate the correct formatting into said pages so that it displays properly again.

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