• Hello Karu,

    I have been speaking frequently with Haldarn lately and he recommended that I talk to you as well. I am a returning editor, with a few friends actually, and looking where I could be the best help besides general page editing. Let me know if you ever visit the Discord too. I can be found under the same name. - Deszerath

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    • Hi!

      I'm not sure I'll have much work for you, since a lot of what I do lately is just bot and template work, but I'll keep you in mind if I ever need help with anything too complex for a bot.

      If you're looking for things in general to work on, we're missing pages for a lot of the items from around the start of Seekers of Adoulin and beyond. The wanted pages and stubs are a good place to look, but if you'd rather do it by content, the Reforged Empyrean Armor and High-Tier Mission Battlefields rewards are good places to start. Just remember to refer to the Item Template so that they have the latest formatting.

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    • Sounds great! I will start on that as soon as i finish some work on the job pages. Some of them are just so out of date on template, format, and information. I am using the layout being produced by Haldarn at the moment ass i figured that would be a great start.

      When i start on Seekers content in game i will be sure to bring over information i find from the game as well.

      Thanks for all the tips!

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