• Hey there! I noticed you had some confusion about a bit of info I put on Trust: Mildaurion's page. Allow me to explain what I had meant.

    "Will close skillchains when possible," -- Any time a WS is used and she has a compatible one of her own, she will use it to create a SC. This is normal behavior for most Trust.

    "but also will use a weaponskill as soon as she can if the player has 1,000+ TP." -- If the player has enough TP to perform a WS, but no one has recently done one in which she can make a SC with, Mildaurion will instead initiate a WS so that the player may close the SC instead. This is similar to how Trust: Ayame works, except Ayame doesn't prioritize closing SCs as Mildaurion does.

    "If the player does not, she will be more likely to hold her TP for longer." -- If the player doesn't have enough TP to WS, and no one else has recently done one in which she can make a SC with, rather than just using a WS by itself, she will instead wait a while longer to check if anyone does a WS that she can SC with, or if the player gets enough TP to do one. She will eventually perform a WS regardless of the player's TP when no one else is doing any WSs, but not as readily as the above conditions. This is another behavior shared by Ayame.

    More or less Mildaurion tries her best to SC with the party. Her priority lies with closing SCs, but if there are none to close, she takes a page from Ayame's book and gives the player more opportunity to close one instead. You can easily view Mildaurion's behavior for yourself if no other Trust present can participate in SCs, such as by having ones like Koru-Moru and Ulmia, then watch the difference in her SC frequency as you stand around beyond melee range with below and above 1k TP.

    Lastly, though a bit off-topic, I believe your use of "MPs" on the page is a bit redundant. "MP" is short for "Magic Points," so "MPs" ends up being "Magic Pointss." It's kind of like saying "ATM machine," which would be like saying "Automated Teller Machine machine." Anyway, hope all of my ramblings here make sense!

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