Mission Name Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III)
Number 7
Level 75
Reward Ivory Key
700 Experience Points
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Those Who Lurk in Shadows (II) Remember Me in Your Dreams


  • Anyone can help with this fight, even people without the expansion. A Mark of Seed is required for each party member seeking mission completion, but is not required for those helping.
  • Examine the burning circle at Qu'Bia Arena once for a cutscene, then again to enter the battlefield Those Who Lurk in Shadows.
    • Level Restriction at maximum attainable level.
    • Buffs are removed upon entering.
    • Experience points are not lost upon being knocked out.
    • Tractor does not work in this Arena.
    • A full party of level 75 characters is strongly recommended, but not essential for success. (see testimonials)
    • Trusts are allowed.
  • You will be fighting four enemies:
  • If you fail the fight, another Mark of Seed will need to be obtained to re-enter battlefield.
    • There is no need to wait until after Japanese Midnight.
    • If, however, you clear the fight and receive the Ivory Key, you must use it at the Treasure Coffer (Tenshodo) and wait until Japanese Midnight before you can re-acquire the Mark of Seed.

The Battle

See the individual mob pages for information about their abilities and behaviour.
  • Mobs have low damage and defense (hitting DD in TP gear for ~100, ~50 with Cocoon); damage reduction will help greatly.
  • These mobs are all immune to black magic Sleep (even with the use of Elemental Seal)
    • Light-based sleep works but may resist and has short duration.
    • All mobs are susceptible to Gravity, though the Goblin has THF's Resist Gravity trait.
    • Bind is frequently resisted (immune?)
    • The monsters do not have shared enmity, they possess very specific enmity mechanics.
      • Seed Goblin follows normal enmity mechanics when in battle. While the goblin does teleport to sneak attack random members, it returns to attacking the party member who previously had hate.
      • Seed Yagudo and Seed Quadav follow normal enmity mechanics.
      • Seed Orc will assist the Seed Yagudo, attacking the same target as the Yagudo, and will only stop after the Yagudo is dead; at which point the Orc will begin assisting the Seed Quadav, and continue assisting until the Quadav is dead. Once both Yagudo and Quadav are dead, the Orc will return to normal enmity mechanics.
  • This fight can be repeated by collecting the seed afterglows again.


See the Video Page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The beastman thralls of the Seed Crystal are threatening to commence their dark ritual. They must be stopped before it is too late!