Job Ability

  • Anticipates and dodges the next attack directed at you.
  • Obtained: Samurai Level 15
  • Recast Time: 1:00
  • Duration: 0:30


  • When active, user will anticipate and evade the next physical attack against them.
  • Third Eye receives various enhancements if Seigan is active (see below).
  • Will not negate any magical attacks or spells (single target or area effect), but the effect will remain after being struck by one.
  • Unlike "shadow" effects such as Utsusemi or Blink, Third Eye can anticipate and negate most multi-hit physical attacks entirely, regardless of how many hits the attack consists of. For instance, it is capable of fully negating damage from a foe's 8-hit Asuran Fists. (Shadow effects' ability to fully absorb multi-hit attacks depends on how many shadows remain.)
  • However, if the user of Third Eye is struck by a physical attack that is AoE in any way (conal or radial), it will remove the Third Eye effect, and the user will not avoid any damage.
  • Wearing the Saotome Haidate allows the Third Eye user a 25% chance to counter an attack instead of simply anticipating it. It must be worn at the time of the attack, rather than the time Third Eye is used. Because of this, if you have the Saotome Haidate, macroing it into your Seigan macro is a generally good idea, macroing back in your normal pants for your Hasso macro.
  • Does not stack with Utsusemi or Blink (Utsusemi will overwrite Third Eye, but Third Eye will not overwrite Utsusemi).
  • Third Eye recast can be reduced with Merit Points by 2 seconds per level, down to a minimum of 50 seconds.

Effect with Seigan On

  • Note that a two-handed weapon must be kept equipped for Seigan to function.
  • The recast time for Third Eye will be halved. Seigan must be active prior to using the ability for the recast to be halved.
  • Note that the recast is halved, not simply reduced by 30 seconds. If you have merited Third Eye recast down to 50 seconds, having Seigan active will make it 25 seconds, not 20 seconds.
  • There is a chance for Third Eye to remain active even after anticipating an attack. In addition, there is a chance for you to counter an anticipated attack. Seigan must be kept active in order to possibly receive these benefits; it is not enough to merely use Third Eye while Seigan is active.
  • The chance that the player will keep the Third Eye effect even after anticipating tends to gradually decrease from the time that Third Eye is used. 5-6 anticipations is generally regarded to be a good/lucky streak, but note that it is always possible to get only one anticipation even if attacked immediately after using Third Eye.
  • Counter rate with Seigan active is around 15%.
  • When an attack is countered, the chance for Third Eye to remain seems to be lower than if the attack were simply anticipated.
  • If a multi-hit attack is anticipated, Third Eye may still remain in effect, but the chance seems to be reduced. It may be that each hit in the attack has a chance to remove Third Eye.
  • The damage from the Counter is also considered Blunt damage.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Third Eye" <me>