Start NPC Prishe - Hall of the Gods
Requirements All 9 Abyssea quest bosses defeated; All 6 Caturae defeated
Items Needed Key ItemCrimson traverser stone
Title Granted Wyrm God Defier
Repeatable Yes
Reward Various drops (See below)
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Beneath a Blood-red Sky Meanwhile, Back on Abyssea


Possible Rewards

The Treasure Pool may load the following items:

Zero to Two of:
Twilight Cloak (8.2%)
Twilight Helm (25.1%)
Twilight Mail (11%)
Zero to One of:
Twilight Knife (25.9%)
Twilight Scythe (22.3%)
Zero to Three of:
Twilight Cape (53%)
Twilight Belt (48.6%)
Twilight Torque (48.6%)
Zero to Four of:
Adaman Ore (2%)
Adloquium (0.4%)
Aeroja (0.8%)
Aluminum Ingot (2.8%)
Ametrine (0.4%)
Antlion Jaw (2.4%)
Apkallu Egg (1.6%)
Aquilaria Log (0.4%)
Blizzard V (0.8%)
Boost-AGI (0.8%)
Boost-CHR (0.8%)
Boyahda Moss (0.4%)
Buffalo Hide (0.4%)
Cactuar Root (1.2%)
Cerberus Claw (2%)
Cactuar Root (0.4%)
Darksteel Ingot (1.6%)
Demon Horn (0.8%)
Djinn Ash (2%)
Firaja (0.8%)
Fire V (0.8%)
Gain-AGI (1.6%)
Gold Beastcoin (1.6%)
Gold Ingot (1.2%)
Gold Thread (1.2%)
Granite (0.8%)
Goshenite (0.8%)
Helmet Mole (1.6%)
Imperial Tea Leaves (0.4%)
Kaolin (2%)
Khroma Ore (1.2%)
Lynx Meat (3.6%)
Light Opal (0.4%)
Max-Potion +1 (2%)
Migawari: Ichi (0.4%)
Oak Log (0.4%)
Onyx (0.4%)
Panacea (0.4%)
Peridot (0.4%)
Pearl (0.4%)
Platinum Beastcoin (1.6%)
Platinum Ingot (1.6%)
Pro-Ether (1.6%)
Rainbow Cloth (0.4%)
Rainbow Thread (1.6%)
Raxa (1.6%)
Red Grass Cloth (0.4%)
Red Grass Thread (0.4%)
Regen IV (0.8%)
Sapphire (0.4%)
Snoll Arm (1.2%)
Super Ether +1 (2%)
Thunder Gem (0.4%)
Trumpet Shell (1.6%)
Turquoise (0.4%)
Valor Minuet V (1.6%)
Wind Carol II (0.8%)
Wool Cloth (0.4%)
Wyvern Wing (0.4%)
X-Potion (1.2%)
Zircon (2%)

Special Notes

  • Visitant time in this zone is unlimited.
  • Drops are loaded into the Treasure Pool upon defeat of Shinryu. The party is then brought back to the "lobby" area, where drops can be distributed.
  • As this Battlefield is an Abyssea area, targeting the weaknesses may greatly improve the drop rates on certain items, moving categories from "One of" (into) Multiple drops. A Rare item will not drop if all participants have that specific item already.
  • Weakness.png Weakness triggers are set upon moment of claim, not moment of entry into the battlefield. As with all other Abyssea NMs, if you wipe and Shinryu becomes passive, triggers will be reset and randomized upon next moment of claim.
  • It is possible to obtain Key ItemAtma of the Apocalypse from Shinryu if the red stagger Weakness Red.png has been triggered.
  • There is a possibility even with TH and procs that there will be no loot.

Game Description

Prishe (Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox)
Prishe, the sole survivor of mankind's ill-fated confrontation with Promathia, speaks of the Twilight God's transformation into a fearsome embodiment of terror and dread. The final battle is at hand, and the stakes are high: the very survival of Abyssea!