Start NPC Selliste - Bastok Mines (K-7)
Requirements Synergy Level 5
Items Needed Flamestone
Astral Matter
Repeatable No, but you can always get a new Portafurnace
Reward Portafurnace
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Prior to 3-27-12:
Synergistic Pursuits


  • Obtain Synergy skill level 5.
    • A useful strategy is to gather the six stones below needed for the quest and feed Fire Fewell, Dark Fewell, and Light Fewell to receive skill-ups, but not allowing the Synergy process to reach completion. The Synergy skill of Astral Matter caps exactly at level 5, making it a perfect beginning skill-up recipe.
      • These stones can be gathered without the quest flagged.
  • After obtaining Synergy skill level 5, head down to the entrance of the Alchemists' Guild and speak with Selliste.
  • She asks for the following stones, which can be found at the Cloisters where the Protocrystals reside:
  • Once all the stones are in your possession, you will need to synergize them into an Astral Matter at a Synergy Furnace.
    • There is no need to actually trade Selliste the stones, you can synergize them into Astral Matter as soon as you have the stones (to save space).
  • Return to Selliste and trade her the Astral Matter.
  • Once the CS ends, she will reward you with a Portafurnace.
  • Once you have this quest complete, you can always get a new Portafurnace if you dropped your old one, all you need to do is just talk to Selliste again, you don't need to collect the stones anymore.

Game Description

Selliste (Alchemists' Guild, Bastok Mines)
A scatterbrained inventress is hard at work on a miraculous device that will revolutionize the art of synergy in some manner or another. Use your synergy prowess to fashion her some astral matter, and you will be handsomely rewarded.