Start NPC Dhea Prandoleh - Windurst Waters (S) North (H-10)
Requirements Campaign Allegiance Any Nation
Title Granted Ajido-Marujido's Minder
Repeatable No
Reward Star Globe
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The Tigress Stirs Mission:
Cait Sith

Knot Quite There



Fort Karugo Narugo Map 1


Fort Karugo Narugo Map 2

  • Speak to Dhea Prandoleh in northern Windurst Waters (S) at (H-10).
  • Make your way to Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) and enter the fortress.
  • On Map 2, go to (I-8) to find Rotih Moalghett, on the upper floor East from the Campaign Arbiter.
  • After a short cutscene, exit the fort (fall to the bottom floor and exit via the painted wooden door at J-8) and find a ??? in the Northern part of (I-9) on Map 1.
    • This quest can be completed with Allied Tags active, but doing so will cause Campaign battle enemies to attack you.
  • Examine the ??? once for a cutscene and a second time to spawn the Coeurl NM War Lynx. (see testimonials)
    • Special Attacks:
      • Chaotic Eye - Inflicts Silence. As a Gaze Attack, it can be avoided by turning away from the lynx.
      • Petrifactive Breath - AoE attack inflicting 5-10 second petrification.
      • Frenzied Rage - Attack Boost
      • Charged Whisker - Deals Lightning damage in a radial area of effect.
      • Blink of Peril -Gaze Attack, avoidable by facing away from the lynx, that reduces the target's HP to 1% and minimizes hate, similar to Throat Stab. May be capable of knocking a character out according to some reports (See the discussion page). Can be stunned, but the lynx can repeat the move as soon as stun wears off. This ability takes about 3 seconds for the lynx to execute after readying it.
    • Vulnerable to Repose and Light Shot.
    • The lynx can be spawned 5 minutes after the last one was defeated. Only have to fight once for all party members who need to do it.
  • After successfully defeating the lynx, examine the ??? again for another cutscene.
  • Return to Windurst Waters (S) and speak to Dhea Prandoleh for a final cutscene and your reward.


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Game Description

Dhea Prandoleh (Windurst Waters (S))
The Mithra Mercenaries have set out towards Fort Karugo-Narugo to hunt down the Yagudo. You find yourself headed to the same destination in search of the impetuous young Ajido-Marujido...
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