Mission Name The Ties that Bind
Number 1-3-3
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What Lies Beyond Impurity
Replay Cutscenes


  • Go to (J-12), near the pond, in Sea Serpent Grotto and click on the ??? for a cutscene.
    • Do not go through the Ornamented Door at (J-11). ??? is down below.
    • Unity Warp (Content Level 125, Sea Serpent Grotto) drops you very close to the ???
  • After viewing the cutscene there is no indication to move to the next mission, simply proceed to Yuhtunga Jungle as indicated in the Impurity walkthrough.
    • It's faster if you use Escape, alternatively you can warp back to an Unity NPC then use Unity Warp to Yuhtunga Jungle for the next mission to speed it up as well if you have no means to cast Escape.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Ill tidings abound. Something is causing sailors to take leave of their senses, with a strange ringing reminding you of what occurred in Escha - Zi'Tah. See what is happening in Sea Serpent Grotto.