Mission Name The Three Kingdoms
Number 2-3
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Level Uncapped
Title Granted Warchief Wrecker
Dark Dragon Slayer
Dread Dragon Slayer
Certified Adventurer
Items Needed Key ItemLetter to the Consuls
Key ItemKindred crest
Key ItemKindred Report
Reward Rank 3
3,000 gil
Adventurer's Certificate
Trust: Halver
Trust: Semih Lafihna
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A Testing Time To Each His Own Right
Replay Cutscenes
The Three Kingdoms (pt.1 or 2) Mashua, Heavens Tower
The Three Kingdoms (pt.3)
Mashua, Heavens Tower
Bastok -> San d'Oria
The Three Kingdoms (pt.1-2)
Taulluque, Metalworks (I-8)
The Rank 2 Final Mission (pt.1-2) Goblin Footprint, Horlais Peak


Starting the Mission

  • If you completed "A Testing Time" once, you will need to trade 2 crystals in order to flag this mission. Otherwise, you'll need to turn in 3 crystals after completing "Lost for Words".
  • As soon as you accept this mission, the gate guard will tell you to go to Heavens Tower (H-6/H-7 in Windurst Walls Home Point #1). The other NPCs around the gate guard have additional, non-essential dialogue.
  • Go inside the Door: Clerical Chamber and talk to Kupipi behind the counter. She will hand you the Key ItemLetter to the Consuls which you are to take to the consuls in the other two nations. Depending on which nation you go to first, the tasks you will be handed will vary as follows:

San d'Oria -> Bastok

Dark Dragon
For certain jobs, this is soloable as early as level 25, soloable by all jobs at level 40. (see testimonials)

Bastok -> San d'Oria

  • Go to the Windurstian Consulate in Bastok Metalworks and talk to Patt-Pott at (I-7).
  • Next head to the President's Office at (J-8). Talk to Pius in the Department of Industry.
  • You will be sent to talk to Grohm (H-9 in Craftsmen's Eatery), who will hand you 3 Pickaxes. It is suggested to buy more Pickaxes as they can break.
  • It is suggested that you buy the Map of the Palborough Mines as well as Silent Oils (if necessary).
  • Go to Palborough Mines to try to mine up some Mine Gravel from the Mythril Seams that are found throughout. One is located at (I-8) on the first floor on the west side of the river. Another can be found at (I-9) on the third floor. Another can be found on the second floor at (I-8), in the southern-most left room on the map. Trade a Pickaxe to the Mythril Seam until you receive the Mine Gravel. Alternatively, you can actually buy the Mine Gravel from the AH.
  • Once you get the gravel, make your way to (I-6) on the third floor. You will find a refiner with a lid and a lever.
  • Trade the Mine Gravel to the Refiner Lid and pull the Refiner Lever.
  • Just drop off the ledge here to the floor below to find another lever. Pull this lever and you will receive some Mythril Sand.
  • Now head back to Patt-Pott in Metalworks and trade the sand to him. Talk to him one more time.
  • Talk to Kasaroro at (H-9) in Northern San d'Oria (in the Windurstian Consulate).
  • Go talk to Halver in Chateau d'Oraguille at (I-9).
  • Make your way to Horlais Peak. You need to go through Ghelsba Outpost to get here. From Ghelsba Outpost you can go through either Yughott Grotto or Fort Ghelsba - follow the maps to make your way there.
  • Players that are lower in level will need Sneak and Invisible while in the higher level areas.
  • Only a 1-6 member party will be allowed to enter the battlefield. When you're ready to enter, have one of the people who has the mission active click on the Burning Circle and enter the battlefield. You will be fighting:
Dread Dragon
The fight can be soloed by certain jobs as early as level 25, soloable by all jobs at level 40. (see testimonials)


  • Waking the Colossus, Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) and Confessions of Royalty have priority when talking to Halver. Just talk to Halver again to get the proper cutscene, no zoning is needed.
  • The battlefield has a level restriction of 99, so buffs will wear off upon entering.
  • A maximum of 6 characters may enter, but are not essential for success.
  • 1 character can manage this fight given a high enough level.
  • Trust Magic is usable for this battle.


Dark Dragon & Seeker

Game Description

Mission Orders
Determine the state of affairs in San d'Oria and Bastok, and render assistance on behalf of Heavens Tower. Inquire at our consulate in each country for more information. Traveling by ship from Mhaura to Selbina is recommended.
Mission Orders (San d'Oria -> Bastok)
Journey to San d'Oria
Go to the highest camp in the Ghelsba Outpost and defeat Warchief Vatgit.
Journey to Bastok
Something strange is afoot in the deepest levels of the Quadav-held Palborough Mines. Investigate and report. An official named Pius will give you more detailed orders.
Mission Orders (Bastok -> San d'Oria)
Journey to Bastok
Survey Bastokan mining technology, and retrieve some mythril sand from the Palborough Mines. An official named Pius will give you more detailed orders.
Journey to San d'Oria
Investigate the Yughott Grotto deep inside the Ghelsba Outpost.