«FFXI-Movie» 0168 ZM 04 - The Temple of Uggalepih

«FFXI-Movie» 0168 ZM 04 - The Temple of Uggalepih

«FFXI-Movie» The Temple of Uggalepih (Alternate)

«FFXI-Movie» The Temple of Uggalepih (Alternate)

Game Script

Kazham's Chieftainness - Kazham
Wait. Lay down thy blades.

Grav'iton: Welcome, brave adventurer. Thine arrival can only mean one thing. "They" have once again begun their rise.

Grav'iton: Thou must forgive my companions. They remain bound to this place by the spirits of the past.

Grav'iton: Though they do not yet realize it...

Grav'iton: Ah, I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Grav'iton Berisacci, a scholar from the lost civilization of Kuluu. However, my colleagues often referred to me by the sobriquet, Tonberry.

Grav'iton: I represent the collective consciousness of the remains of what was once a great race of people.

Grav'iton: Listen carefully, for the tale I am about to tell thee reaches far across the plains of time--back ten thousand years.

Grav'iton: It all started with a mere crystal and the mysterious power it held...

Deep beneath Vana'diel rest five enormous crystals, all more powerful than any force on this planet. The Zilart used that power to develop their civilization.

The five arks, also known as crags, tap the crystals of their power...

The Crystal Lines tie the arks...
And Delkfutt's Tower controls the flow of energy...

However, this was only the beginning. They had other plans for the power of the crystals.

The Gate of the Gods...
It is said that bringing the power of the five crystals together will open the gate to the heavens and transform Vana'diel into a paradise for the gods.

However, we Kuluu, along with the followers of the Goddess, the Dawnmaidens, were against this plan. We voiced our disapproval to the Zilart, but they were too driven by their self-centered motives to lend an ear to our pleas.

The Gate of the Gods--the floating island of Tu'Lia--was constructed, and the Zilart's plan was put into motion.

A fantastic amount of energy was drained from the crystals and focused into Tu'Lia. However, while this was taking place, we Kuluu led an attack on the northernmost ark and destroyed it, putting an end to their abominable plan.

Unfortunately, this act caused the crystals to spin out of control. The world was engulfed in a blinding light, and the Zilart were destroyed.

The land where the Zilart resided sank to the abyssal depths of the sea, while the overwhelming power of the crystals laid waste to the Northlands, leaving them uninhabitable.

Grav'iton: The Kuluu who survived the happenings of that day fled here. However, the power of the crystals left its mark on us. As time passed, our bodies and minds degenerated into the form you see standing before you.

Grav'iton: We do not regret out actions.

Grav'iton: It was a small sacrifice to save Vana'diel.

Grav'iton: What will happen, happens. One can sit and ponder over what could have been, but that would only be a waste of time. We must move on.

Grav'iton: This world belongs to all who reside on its fertile soil. We could not let it be transformed into a mere playground for the gods.

Grav'iton: However, when I learned that Delkfutt's Tower remained unchanged even after the accident, I could sense that something was amiss.

Grav'iton: At that moment, I knew our fight was not yet over.

Grav'iton: Heed my words, young adventurer. Thou must travel to the small island of Zepwell, located to the southwest of Bastok. There thou wilt find the remains of an ancient temple.

Grav'iton: There thou must join the eight fragments of light. Only then will the Dawnmaidens show thee the path thou must follow.

Grav'iton: The fragments can be found embedded in eight stone monuments located in remote areas of Vana'diel. As to their precise whereabouts, that is for thee to discover.

Grav'iton: My time has passed. There is nothing more I can do but stand back and watch as this drama unfolds.

Grav'iton: Ah, yes. There is one more thing I must tell thee. Beware of the elder prince of the Zilart. The bond he has formed with the crystals is great. His magic is truly powerful.

Grav'iton: He has already crossed the boundaries of man and stepped itno the forbidden realm of the gods. Thou must be careful.

Grav'iton: I will not pray for thy success, as it is not prayer that will lead thee to victory. Thou wilt do what thou must to overcome this great evil.

Grav'iton: Here is the first fragment to start thee on thy journey.
Now, be off! There is not much time.

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