Mission Name The Temple of Desolation
Number ZM10
Title Granted Sealer of the Portal of the Gods
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Ro'Maeve The Hall of the Gods


  • NOTE: You may want to set your homepoint just before the zone into Ro'Maeve as you will be returning in a few missions.
    • Alternatively, you can activate the Survival Guide southeast of the spring so that you can return quickly later.
  • Head to Ro'Maeve and zone into the Hall of the Gods at H-5.
    • You can now ride Mounts in Ro'Maeve avoiding aggro entirely.
    • You will need sneak for everything, but be careful as there is sometimes a golem or bomb near the entrance to Hall of the Gods.
    • Everything in Ro'Maeve aggros to magic, so Silent Oils/Prism Powders, Ninjutsu or Spectral Jig is recommended.
  • Observe the gate at the other end of Hall of the Gods and your mission log will update.

Game Description

Mission Orders
On the northernmost point of Mindartia and deep within the wilderness known as the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah lies a body of ruins feared by many: Ro'Maeve, the Temple of Desolation.