Start NPC Deidogg - Bastok Mines (H-6)
Requirements Warrior 50+
Items Needed Ginger Cookie
Title Granted Paragon of Warrior Excellence
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete.
Reward Fighter's Lorica
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The Talekeeper's Truth None


NOTE: After getting your Fighter's Calligae, you must wait until the following game day (possibly zoning as well) to receive this quest.
Bastok Mines:

From this point on, the quest can be completed on any job.

Behemoth's Dominion:

  • When all the Goblins are dead, head back to Qufim (reexamining the ??? does not do anything), and upon zoning back to Qufim Island, you will receive a cutscene and your Fighter's Lorica.


  • The NMs can be popped only once per game day.
    • If you get the message "It is too blurry to read", someone as already popped the NM for that game day.
  • Players can spawn the NMs on any job.
  • The Goblins generally cannot be Slept without Elemental Seal.
  • The Ranger will only stand and shoot until low health, so it can safely be left for last as long as you don't move into its melee range.
  • The White Mage is easy to kite around the rocks in the big room, as it will frequently stop to cast and is known to be resistant to Stun.
  • Picklix Longindex, the Thief, is immune to stun.
  • If multiple warriors with this quest active are in the alliance, the NMs only have to be fought once.
  • If you (while solo) disconnect during the fight, call for help, or your party/alliance loses claim on all the NMs, you will not be able to get the CS. Even if you zone back in quickly and kill the NMs, you will not get it.
    • If party holds hate you can still complete the mission as long as you get hate on the NM before last one is killed, then touch the ??? as normal.

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Game Description

Deidogg (Ore Street, Bastok Mines)
Raogrimm's gift to the San d'Orians was stolen by a band of Goblin thieves from the Behemoth's Dominion. The Musketeers are in search of the item, but Deidogg wants you to take it for yourself.
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