Mission Name The Sixth Ministry
Number 7-1
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Requirements Over 1/4 of rank bar filled
Reward Rank points
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Saintly Invitation Awakening of the Gods
Replay Cutscenes
The Sixth Ministry (pt.1) Dienger Windurst Waters, North (F-5)
The Sixth Ministry Goblin Footprint Toraimarai Canal, Map 1 (F-5)
The Sixth Ministry (pt.2) Dienger Windurst Waters, North (F-5)


  • Trade 4 elemental crystals or 2 light/dark crystals to unlock this mission.
  • After accepting the mission from a Gate Guard, speak to Tosuka-Porika at the Optistery in Northern Windurst Waters (G-8) for a cutscene. He will give you the Optistery Ring (temporary key item). NPCs inside both buildings of the Opistery have additional dialogue.

Composite map to Toraimarai Canal

  • Travel to Toraimarai Canal, Map 2 (G-8). There is a large room with 4 Hinge Oils accompanied by few bats. The bats are aggressive towards level 99 characters and the oils will link, if within range.
    • Using the Home Point tele will place you in front of the Full Moon Fountain entrance on the 1st map, where you can make your way to exit C leading to the 2nd map.
      • Note: work your way east, towards J-9 (exit C) to get to the proper place on map 2
    • Entering the canals from Windurst Walls will also place you a short distance away so it really doesn't matter which way you take.
  • The re-spawn time for the Hinge Oils is 16 minutes. All 4 must be defeated in order for you to enter the Animastery through the Marble Door on the far side of the room, up a staircase at (H-8). If even one of the oils re-spawn before you click the Marble Door, it will be "locked" until all oils are defeated again.
  • They have a very nasty, but short-range (less than 10'), AoE Fluid Spread that can tear through mages.
  • They are susceptible to Bind and Gravity, but immune to Sleep.
  • Inside the room, examine the "Tome of Magic".
  • The stack of books that you have to examine for the mission is on the floor, to the left of the Marble Door from which you entered. The other Tomes of Magic on the walls holds some interesting information, but are not part of the mission. You will know you have the right "Tome of Magic" when a cutscene starts.


See Strategy notes.

Game Description

Mission Orders
At the request of the Optistery, you are to find former minister Karaha-Baruha's laboratory in Toraimarai Canal, and delve deeper into the mystery of the Book of the Gods.