Start NPC Wahid - Bastok Mines (I-8)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Siren's Tear
Title Granted Tearjerker
Repeatable Yes
Reward 150 gil
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None Love and Ice


  • Talk to Wahid; he's a collector of precious gems and is looking for a Siren's Tear. He says they can be found near the rivers of the Gustaberg Mountains but will slip through your fingers unless they are handled in a special way. Also, there is a bard in a tavern somewhere who has advice on how to get the jewel.
  • (Optional) Talk to Otto in the Steaming Sheep; he will point to the bard mentioned above, Carmelo.
  • (Optional) Talk to Carmelo; he sings a cryptic song explaining how to get the tear and he explains its meaning.
  • Go to North Gustaberg (east section) and locate the ??? near the river at J-9. (You can avoid aggro by going via Port Bastok.) The ??? will move around the shore line, so it's not always in the same spot. A good strategy is to check one side of the river, then the other until you find the ???.
  • Unequip your weapon and shield and examine the ??? to pick up the Siren's Tear.
  • Trade the tear to Wahid to complete the quest.


  • The ??? can also apppear at J-8.
  • To get Siren's Tear again, you MUST talk to Carmelo and he will say, "And once again, a Siren's Tear floats down the river, seeking shelter from the tides of war..."
  • You may be unable to attain the Siren's Tear if your current Job is Monk. It will say that the object has slipped from your hands regardless if you have unequipped your weapons or not.
    • A Puppetmaster can obtain the tear with no weapons equipped.
  • If you fight anything with your bare hands, you will not be able to obtain the Siren's Tear without zoning out and back in.

Game Description

Wahid (South Auction House, Bastok Mines)
Find the Siren's Tear for Wahid. This rare gem is known to occasionally appear on the shores of the Gustaberg River. Seek the bard in the Port Bastok restaurant and listen to his story.