Start NPC Levil - Western Adoulin (E-8)
Requirements Have completed the following:

Have acquired Arciela's Alter Ego

Title Granted Eternal Communer
Repeatable No
Reward Choose one of:
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None Winds of Eternity


  • After speaking to Levil, you are asked to find Arciela. Speak with Ploh Trishbahk at the Adoulin Castle.
  • Head to Escha - Ru'aun (H-10) at ??? location, blue sparkle on ground up the ramp to the left near stairs for a cutscene. When it ends, you will receive an Key ItemInert geomancy bell.
  • Head back to the castle gates to speak with Ploh Trishbahk to hand Arciela the inert geomancy bell.
  • Head for Kamihr Drifts, head for the Alpine Trail at (H-5), click to proceed
    • Quickest access is via the Home Point or the Bivouac #3 Waypoint.
  • Go to your telepoint for your nation (Holla, Dem, Mea) and click on the Ergon Locus beneath the stairs to the Telepoint to receive a Key ItemFistful of familiar soil.
  • Go to Leafallia for a cutscene. Then head to the glowing light labeled Drifting Feather (H-7) for another cutscene. Click the Drifting Feather again to begin a fight with Siren, "The Silent Forest".

The Battle

You will face Siren Prime in Yorcia Weald (U). Up to six members who are qualified may enter the battlefield. Trusts may be summoned. There is a 30 minute time limit.


  • Her attacks are light/wind elemental in nature, and she will absorb damage of those elements. She is vulnerable to Darkness elemental damage.
  • Susceptible to Stun
  • Immune to Silence.


  • Clarsach Call - Deals severe magic damage to players in a wide range, and grants Siren Prime a strong Attack Boost, Defense Boost, Magic Attack Bonus, Magic Defense Bonus, Evasion Bonus and Magic Evasion. Used once at 50% health. Each buff may be individually dispelled.
  • Sonic Buffet - Dispels a single buff from its target
  • Hysteric Assault - Piercing physical damage that absorbs HP from its target.
  • Entice - Single target Charm.
  • Bitter Elegy - 50% single-target slow. Erase removes it.
  • Lunatic Voice - AOE Silence.

Spells Cast

To repeat the battle, wait until the next Conquest tally and collect another Key ItemFistful of familiar soil from underneath your home nation's crag telepoint. Then return to the Drifting Feather in Leafallia.


Upon completing the battle, you will receive another cutscene where Siren Prime offers you a choice of rewards:

After one last chance to confirm your choice, you will receive your reward, the cutscene will continue to completion and the quest is done.

Game Description

Arciela (Adoulin Castle, Eastern Adoulin)
Living in harmony with the forest requires the assistance of the avatar Siren. Head to Escha - Ru'Aun and look for clues regarding her disappearance.