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See Testimonials.
* The [[Shadow Lord]] gives experience points for a Level 60 mob.
* This fight can be soloed by a RDM/NIN or PUP/WAR or /NIN. Taking about 17 minutes for RDM, 14 to 15 minutes for PUP.
* Duoed by a 70RDM/35WHM and a 75NIN/37THF taking about 18 minutes
* Soloed by a 75PLD/RDM taking about 21 minutes
* Soloed by a 75nin/whm or /dnc using elemental ninjutsu tools for magic damage.
* Soloed by a 75BLU/NIN AutoRefresh Trait and Vermillion cloak are necessary unless you bring meds.
* Soloed by a 73PLD/WHM 27m34s. 3 Yag. Drinks, 5 Hi-Potion.
*Soloed by a 75DRG/BLU 14m31s. Very easy; 10min of the 14 was because he was immune to physical damage. I used 2yag drinks and a Icarus Wing; However I could have done it without the wing. No 2hr was required
* Soloed very easily by a 75MNK/NIN. Does require Formless Strikes during his physical immunity.
* Soloed by a 75THF/NIN. Bring some hi pots, an Icarus Wing, and Ninjutsu nukes.
* Soloed with ease by a melee geared 75RDM/NIN, used tav taco, though not needed, cleared in 12 min.
* Duoed by 75 RDM/SMN and 64 DRG/WHM with extreme difficulty. took 19 min 32 food, potions,or sommons were used. RDM kept DRG refreshed; while DRG was sub healer only with wyvern.
* Duoed by a 70 SCH/RDM and 66 DRG/WAR. Full buff including phalanx and stoneskin in conjunction with accession. 14 minute fight and not difficult. DRG 2hred, but wasn't entirely necessary.
* Soloed by a 75 RDM/DRK taking about 11 mins. Very easy fight
* Soloed by a 75 BST/WHM and took around 16 mins. The pet takes the damage while shadowlord is immune to physical hits. No potions needed.
===Game Description===
===Game Description===
:;Mission Orders:Head to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.
:;Mission Orders:Head to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.

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  Mission Name:   The Shadow Lord
  Start NPC:   Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission:
  Suggested Level:   55+
  Title:   Shadow Banisher
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank 6
  Previous Mission:   The Ruins of Fei'Yin
  Next Mission:   Leaute's Last Wishes


  • Again just like with 5-1, you must either be on mission 5-2 or have done this mission with your current nation to be allowed to enter the fight.
  • After completing 5-1, you will need roughly 3 stacks of crystals worth of Rank points before you can get 5-2.
    • Alternatively, you can repeat Mission 1-2 (Bat Hunt) six (6) times to gain access to this mission.
    • If you have previously accepted the quest Under Oath, you will be unable to speak to Trion about the mission. You must complete the first portion of Under Oath that involves talking to various people in Southern San d'Oria.
  • After accepting this mission, speak to Halver and then to Prince Trion for a cutscene.
  • Upon zoning into Castle Zvahl Baileys , go straight until you encounter the first intersection and make a left. Go down a small flight of stairs and then turn right and follow the left wall and you will enter the Orc section of the castle.
  • Go through the area to the west again and eventually you will zone into Castle Zvahl Keep.
  • Once you enter Castle Zvahl Keep, you will have to open several gates, very often in front of mobs that detect on sight.
  • You will encounter a series of teleport devices. These devices will cancel the Invisible effect after they are used. Once you use the last device, run to the west exit of the map where you will find a zoneline to the Throne Room.
  • This fight is level capped at level 75. (Meaning that buffs will wear upon entry.)
  • When ready, gather in front of the door. When you enter, a cutscene will happen and the fight begins. Cast the prefight buffs before getting closer.
  • The Shadow Lord has 2 forms. In the first form he alternates between physical and magic immunity. He has magic immunity until around 50% HP, then starts to switch to physical. From this point he will switch about every 5 minutes or 1000 damage.
  • When Shadow Lord starts taking 0 damage from physical attacks, mages need to nuke repeatedly and rest when melee are able to deal damage again.
  • When he's immune to magic, he uses a Dark Nova WS (AOE Darkness damage) and casts Black Mage spells.
  • Dark Nova seems to indicate that he will switch to physical immunity very soon, after casting a spell or two. So use your TP quickly.
  • When he's immune to physical, he uses a variety of WS (Giga Slash, Kick Back, Umbra Smash).
  • After the first form is defeated, a cutscene will appear. The second form will show up after the cutscene and does not wait for you to rest.
  • This form of Shadow Lord will do nothing but a AOE attack but only has 4000 HP and should go down quickly.
  • Melees should use their 2 hour abilities and Icarus Wing if possible to have TP for their best weaponskill. Mages should cast their Curaga spells.


See Testimonials.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Head to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.
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