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| npc = Any [[San d'Orian Gate Guard]]
| npc = Any [[San d'Orian Gate Guard]]
| requirements =
| requirements =
| level = 55+
| level = 50+
| title = Shadow Banisher
| title = Shadow Banisher
| reward = Rank 6<br>20,000g
| reward = Rank 6<br>20,000g

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Mission Name The Shadow Lord
Number 5-2
Start NPC Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 50+
Title Granted Shadow Banisher
Reward Rank 6
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The Ruins of Fei'Yin Leaute's Last Wishes


  • Again just like with 5-1, you must either be on mission 5-2 or have done this mission with your current nation to be allowed to enter the fight.
  • After completing 5-1, you will need roughly 1.5~2.5 stacks of crystals worth of Rank points before you can get 5-2.
    • Alternatively, you can repeat Mission 1-2 (Bat Hunt) six (6) times to gain access to this mission.
    • If you have previously accepted the quest Under Oath, you will be unable to speak to Trion about the mission. You must complete the first portion of Under Oath that involves talking to various people in Southern San d'Oria.

* After accepting this mission, speak to Halver and then to Prince Trion for a cutscene.

  • You do not need a full party, if you bring players at or near level 75. It's recommended to at least have a melee fighter and a mage, however.
  • Note: there is no cutscene upon entering Castle Zvahl Baileys or Castle Zvahl Keep. The next cutscene is when you start the fight.
  • Upon zoning into Castle Zvahl Baileys, go straight until you encounter the first intersection and make a left. Go down a small flight of stairs and then turn right and follow the left wall and you will enter the Beastmen section of the castle, finding Orcs first.
  • Go through the area by going left, then turning a sharp right to go up the stairs. Stay on the upper area and move right. You will start to see Yagudo. Continue forward, and, keeping to the upper area, make your way to the right. You will find Quadav in this corner. Do not continue on to the Goblin area. When you reach the Quadav, keep going straight, and go down the stairs. Head to the right, and try to make your way south, towards the center of the room. You should enter a room, and find the pathway that leads west, to the zone for Castle Zvahl Keep.
  • Once you enter Castle Zvahl Keep, you will have to open several gates, very often in front of mobs that detect on sight.
  • You will encounter a series of teleport devices. These devices will cancel the Invisible effect after they are used. Once you use the last device, run to the west exit of the map where you will find a zoneline to the Throne Room.


  • When ready, gather in front of the door. When you enter, a cutscene will happen and the fight begins:
  • This fight is level capped without a specific level, which means buffs will wear upon entry.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete this battlefield event.
  • The Shadow Lord does not attack until you approach, so cast the prefight buffs before getting closer.
  • The Shadow Lord has 2 phases:
  • In the first phase, he alternates between physical and magic immunity. He has magic immunity until around 50% HP, then starts to switch to physical. From this point he will switch about every 5 minutes or 1000 damage.
  • When he's immune to magical damage (his magic stance), he will mainly cast BLM spells such as elemental debuffs and tier 2 AoE nukes. He also has a weaponskill, Dark Nova (AoE dark damage).
  • Dark Nova seems to indicate that he will switch to melee stance very soon, after casting a spell or two. So use your TP quickly.
  • After the first phase is defeated, a brief cutscene will occur as he switches to phase two. He will immediately attack after this cutscene, so there's no time for rest.
  • In this phase, the Shadow Lord will do nothing but his Implosion attack. This attack hits almost everywhere in the battlefield, but he only has 4000 HP and should go down quickly, however.
  • Melees should use their two-hour abilities, and Icarus Wing, if possible, to have TP for their best weaponskill. Mages should cast their Curaga spells, and try to keep Stoneskin (and Phalanx, if available) up.
  • Since hate is mostly irrelevant in this phase, mages should feel free to spam spells.
  • The battle ends after the second phase. The Shadow Lord gives experience points for a Level 60 mob.
  • After the Shadow Lord is defeated, another cutscene occurs. Once the cutscene ends, you will be transported back to the entrance of Castle Zvahl Baileys. You will also receive the key item Shadow Fragment.
  • Note: At this point, you can now take Lion's offer and visit Norg to begin the Zilart missions. In addition, you may later return to Xarcabard for the initial cutscene to begin Dynamis.


  • This fight can be soloed by a RDM/NIN, PUP/WAR, PUP/DNC, BLU/NIN or PUP/NIN. Taking about 17 minutes for RDM, 9 to 11 minutes for PUP. Also soloable by a 75MNK/NIN with Formless Strikes, taking 6:55.
  • Also able to be soloed by SCH/RDM at level 73 with little to no difficulty. High staff skill recommended to gain TP and use Spirit Taker during magic invulnerability times. Helix spells used around 51% can greatly help for the first magical invulnerability. Gravity/Bind then Nuke strategy used. (see testimonials)
  • Duoed by 75MNK/DNC & 75WAR/NIN Breaking Record @ 3:45 Fast Burn, Raging Rush Right Before Immunity Then Mnk Formless Strikes / Asuran Fist {Agent & Ukiyasan Of Bahamut} Retested, War (Agent) Used Dual Axes Rampaging For 1.8k Time Is 2Minutes 54Seconds
  • Soloed as 75DRG/NIN with some difficulty during the immunity to physical attacks, just need to keep shadows up throughout the fight. May or may not need to 2 Hour, depends on how safely you want to do this fight.
  • Soloable as a wellgeared 75WHM/37NIN with some difficulty. 5 Yagudo Drinks, 2 Elixirs, Icarus Wing and Tavnazian Taco. Afflatus Misery and Auspice Enlight effect bypasses Physical Immunity, Banish/Holy can help if mp suffices. Keep shadows and stoneskin on at all times. Will be a close fight timewise. 27 minutes 41 seconds
  • Extremely easy solo as average geared 75SMN/37WHM. Use Carbuncle on second form. "Retreat" back to the entrance door and "Assault" so Carby fights him there. Then run to the top of the stairs and wait for Carby to kill the Shadow Lord while standing out of range of his AoE attack. To speed things up run into range to meteorite, but one Carbuncle should be enough to widdle him down in a few minutes.
  • Extremely easy to duo with DRK75/NIN37 and DRG73/WHM36. Shadowlord doesn't stand a chance. Spamming Penta Thrust when he's immune to Magic, and spamming drain, and other various spells when immune to physical.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Head to Castle Zvahl in Xarcabard. Visit Chateau d'Oraguille to learn more.

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«FFXI-Movie» San 5-2 - The Shadow Lord


The Shadow Lord
San d'Orian Gate Guard: Why, if it isn't <Player's Name>! This is no time for loafing around, friend! Prince Trion is looking for you.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: For this next mission, he's requested you personally. You should be honored!

Accept the mission?

  • Say Yes.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: As for the details of the mission, I've no idea what he wants, but he was in a hurry.
You'd best be off to Chateau d'Oraguille!

The Shadow Lord - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Halver: Ah, Angelius, is it not? Prince Trion was looking for you.

Halver: The prince seems...troubled that a decision has not been made on what action to take. Take care not to further ruffle any royal feathers.

Halver: Prince Trion went to his chambers a short while ago and has yet to return. You should go speak with him there.

The Shadow Lord (pt.1) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: How long do these fools wish to sit here discussing our deaths? We've no time for talk, not anymore.

Trion: We must move to stop the return of the Shadow Lord, or war will come upon Vana'diel once again.

Trion: Player name, this is an order! Hurry as quickly as you can to Castle Zvahl in the far north, and put an end to this evil scheme of the beastmen!

Trion: I will accept all responsibility for this mission. Now, go, brave warrior! For the future of Vana'diel!

The Rank 5 Mission (pt.1) - Throne Room
Zeid: Could this be...

Zeid: Yes, it is the tomb of the Shadow Lord!

Shadow Lord: Ah, the dark knight...
It's been twenty years since we last met, Zeid.

Zeid: No! How is this possible? I defeated you!

Shadow Lord: I cannot die. Not until I have eradicated you and your kind from this world.

Zeid: So it is true... I suspected as much since we last met. you are a Galka!

Shadow Lord: Thirty years ago, I was in a group that came to this cursed land, seeking to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.

Shadow Lord: And it is here that I fell, betrayed by one I trusted with my life.

Shadow Lord: My fried Ulrich could not abide the fact that I was the best swordsman of the Mythril Musketeers. That I was advocating peace with the beastmen at the time was not to his liking, either.

Shadow Lord: Cornelia died protecting me...

Shadow Lord: But I came back. Not even death could keep me from exacting revenge on those who wronged me.

Shadow Lord: A power hidden deep beneath the earth gave me a new form and granted me control over the nether beasts.

Shadow Lord: It was then that I became aware--that I was made aware--of the dark anger smoldering deep within my soul.

Shadow Lord: I realized it was not revenge that drove me, but the old, undying anger of our race: the wrath of the Galka!

Shadow Lord: Others cannot fathom the depth of our rage.
But I cast myself willingly into its flames, and broke the chains of mortality!

Shadow Lord: Your kind awoke the fury within me, and I was reborn into rage incarnate--as the Shadow Lord!

Shadow Lord: I swore to myself then to purge this world of your kind, and I will not rest until I crush every last one of you!

Shadow Lord: I underestimated you twenty years ago, but I will not make that mistake again!

Zeid: What!? No!

Shadow Lord: Stand there and watch, Zeid. Search within for the dark rage, the flame that burns in the souls of all Galka!

Shadow Lord: Now...I will cleanse this world of your filth, unless I am first consumed by fury!

Shadow Lord: Come, it is the hour of reckoning! Death itself failed to stay my wrath. Let us see if you can do any better!

The Rank 5 Mission (pt.2) - Throne Room
No script applicable
The Rank 5 Mission (pt.3) - Throne Room
Shadow Lord: No...it is not over yet! I told you, even death cannot stop my revenge!

Shadow Lord: I will not fall! I will keep coming back, until the fires of wrath consume me!

Zeid: Raogrimm, stop! Listen to me, it is over!

Shadow Lord: "Rao...grimm"?

Shadow Lord: No, that is not my name! I am... I am the Shadow Lord!

Zeid: You are no such thing! Search your memories for your true self! You are Raogrimm, the Galka's greatest swordsman!

Shadow Lord: I...

Shadow Lord: I am...Rao...Raogrimm!? Aaargh!

Zeid: Do you remember?

Raogrimm: Yes... I do now.

Zeid: Raogrimm, it is good to have you back. How has all this come to be?

Raogrimm: As you know, I was the Talekeeper of the Galka--the keeper of our race's memories. But there was so much pain, so much anger...

Raogrimm: I let myself become trapped in a dark abyss of swirling rage and madness...

Zeid: Raogrimm...

Raogrimm: People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame...

Raogrimm: We all stand precariously on the edge between darkness and light... And when we fall, we are greeted by only madness and chaos.

Raogrimm: And so I have fallen...

Raogrimm: There is no salvation for me. The Raogrimm who you once knew is gone, forever.

Raogrimm: I expect no forgiveness for what I have done, but...

Lion: Come on! This way, hurry!

Raogrimm: My true self died thirty years ago... All that remains is an empty shell...

Raogrimm: Cornelia... Finally, we may meet again...

And so the Shadow Lord was defeated,
thanks to Player name's selfless courage and sacrifice.

Through the clouds shines a symbol of
newfound hope for the peoples of Vana'diel.

But none should forget that wherever there
is light, there is always shadow.

The legend goes on to say...
From the darkest depths of the earth
the Warriors of the Crystal rose...

Lion: So...I guess this is goodbye for now.
I hear they've started flights to the Outlands. If you ever get your hands on an airship pass for Kazham, come see me in Norg sometime.

Zeid: I, too, feel that our paths may cross again. Until then, I wish you farewell.

The Shadow Lord (pt.2) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Destin: Trion has spoken to me about you. At long last we meet, Player name. I commend you for putting an end to the Shadow Lord.

Trion: You have fulfilled my expectations. No, you surpassed them! For that we thank you. May you continue to serve the motherland.

Pieuje: Yes... Thanks to you, the Shadow Lord's return was snipped in the bud. We are all in your debt, especially in light of my elder brother’s antics.

Trion: Hmph. Ever the complainer, I see.

Trion: Father, let us not dwell on the petty details! The Shadow Lord is dead, and our greatest threat is no more. We must return our attention to San d’Oria herself.

Destin: Of course, our nation has fallen ill. Our long struggle with the beastmen has prevented any recovery from the war.

Destin: Much like the reign of King Ranperre.

Pieuje: Ah, the Dragon King, Ranperre?

Destin: Yes, our great ancestor. But that king pulled our kingdom from the brink, and brought San d'Oria again to greatness.

Claidie: A truly legendary feat.

Trion: You speak of the Treasure of the Dragon King?

Destin: Yes. The legends speak of King Ranperre and how he used the Treasure to save his nation.

Pieuje: And where may we find...this Treasure?

Destin: Hmph. If only we knew! This is all but legend, but apparently the king sealed it away somewhere. I cannot fathom why.

Destin: Many were sent looking for it, but none succeeded. Perhaps now is the time we must find it and break the barrier that protects it.

Destin: Player name, should you uncover any news of Ranperre's Treasure, report to us at once.

Trion: Father, I urge you to send expeditions to every corner of Vana'diel!

Destin: Now just a moment, Trion. Why should we wander in darkness when the papsque may still illuminate us?

Claidie: The papsque, Your Majesty?

Destin: Yes. I have faith that soon he will find some clue for us.

Destin: My own life is waning. I must solve this mystery while I still breathe!

Claidie: Father...

Destin: When that time comes, Player name, your assistance will be needed by us all. Do not let us down!

Claidie: Player name, I, Claidie, thank you for your acts of courage on behalf of the motherland.

Claidie: When we first met, you were but a fledgling adventurer, and now you are a paragon of virtue.

Claidie: May you continue to strive for the greatness of our nation. Our prayers are with you!

Destin: That is all for today. Go and rest, for soon enough we may call upon you again.

The Shadow Lord - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Rahal: Commendable work. With our mortal enemy vanquished, we must now restore glory to San d'Oria. Your cooperation is expected!

Milchupain: The battle took its toll on us knights.
I am relieved there won't be any more expeditions in the near future...but don't tell Sir Rahal I said that.

Aramaviont: The defeat of the Shadow Lord should improve the situation in the Northlands and improve our odds in the war with the Orcs.

Curilla: It seems we avoided the worst, but my heart quickens. I hope it is naught but my imagination.

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