Start NPC:   Vamorcote - Northern San d'Oria (F-5)
  San d'Oria Reputation 6
  Items Needed:   Engraved Key
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   10,000g

  Previous Quest:   Blackmail
  Next Quest:   None


  • Vamorcote needs you to find a key that was apparently buried in the Batallia Downs.
  • The Engraved Key he is looking for is dropped from a Ahtu, a NM Treant that spawns at J-11 in the Batallia Downs on a small island.
  • To get to the island, head out to Batallia Downs and go to I-10 inside the small cave and enter Eldieme Necropolis. Once inside, sneak to J-8, then go South to I-9.
  • One person should go to H-9, where they will be standing in front of Shiva's Gate.
  • If this gate is already open, walk inside and turn immediately south. This is Titan's Gate, and it should be closed.
  • The person still standing at I-9 must proceed North to I-8. Invisible and proceed to H-8. There is a Bomb type mob here, who detects by sight and magic, so do not cast anything around him, and make sure you are invisible before going to H-8. Pass by the bomb into another small room, and you will see a switch. Take invisible off, and then hit the switch. Now Shiva's Gate will open.
  • Have the person at H-9 walk through and face South toward Titan's Gate, then hit the switch again, so that Shiva's Gate closes, and Titan's Gate opens.
  • If Shiva's Gate was already open, you only have to hit the switch once to open Titan's Gate.
  • Now the person near the switch needs to put invisible back on, and head down to H-9, near Shiva's Gate. Meanwhile the person who just went through Titan's Gate will proceed to G-9. In front of them will be a room with 9 Grave Pits in it, along with a few mobs.
  • Do not walk on the Grave Pits themselves as they are actually invisible holes that will drop you down to a lower level of caves.
  • To let the other person through, proceed north to G-8 in a small room. There is another switch you must hit to open and close the doors again, letting your partner in.
  • Once you are with your partner again, go back to G-9 with the 9 Grave Pits, go directly to the grave pit in the middle, and stand in the middle of it. You will then fall to a cave-like area, and you will be on a different map at L-12.
  • Head East into another map and you will now appear at G-7.
  • Finally proceed to J-9 and exit out into Batallia Downs again.
  • You will now be at J-11 on the island.
  • Kill Ahtu and get the Engraved Key from him.
  • Return to Vamorcote in Northern San d'Oria, and trade him the key to receive your reward.

Game Description

Client: Vamorcote (Laborman's Way, Northern San d'Oria)

Retrieve the key to a document box holding a copy of the castle floor plans. The key was buried long ago on a small island to the south of Batallia Downs.
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