Mission Name The Secret Weapon
Number 7-2
Start NPC San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 60+
Reward Rank 8
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Prestige of the Papsque Coming of Age


Note: This mission requires a certain level of Rank Bar. Trade 4-5 crystals to the gate guard, or complete repeatable missions up to several times.

  • When you have enough rank points, instead of offering you the list of missions, the gate guard will tell you: "Go to the garden for further instructions."
  • Go to Queen Leaute's Garden (F-7) Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene.
  • Return to the gate guard to receive the actual mission.
  • Get ready to fight and head to the battlefield at Horlais Peak, accessible via travelling through Ghelsba Outpost and Yughott Grotto, or Yughott Grotto Home Point #1 (J-6), or Domenic for 750 gil if Beyond Infinity is complete.
  • The battle can be won solo, on certain jobs. (Most - if not all - jobs can easily solo this by subbing Scholar.) (see testimonials)
  • A maximum of 6 characters that are currently on the mission, or have previously completed it (may have switched allegiance even), will be allowed to enter the battlefield.
  • Buffs will wear off upon entering.
  • There is no Experience Points loss upon defeat.
  • On the battlefield, you will find 3 Orcs and 2 Warmachines:
  • Attacking even one of them will aggravate them all regardless of how it is done.
  • All of them are level 68. The Orcs have ~4000 HP, the Warmachines have ~1800, and the Wyvern ~1000.
  • It is not necessary to defeat the Orc Dragoon's Wyvern to finish the Fight and get the cutscene, it can stay slept the whole time.
  • All of them are susceptible to both Sleep and Lullaby, however Darokbok of Clan Reaper is more resistant due to its Resist Sleep trait; they can be slept using Elemental Seal + Sleepga II/Sleepga, or Horde Lullaby.
  • The Orcs will use their respective 1-hrs when they get below 50% health.
  • After successfully defeating the orcs and warmachines, you obtain the KeyItem Crystal dowser and should then report back to a gate guard to finish up the mission.


See the Video page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Reports from Ghelsba indicate that the Orcs in Yughott Grotto are up to something. Investigate, but speak of this to no one.
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