Start NPC Zoriboh - Rabao (F-6)/(F-7)
Requirements Chains of Promathia Expansion : Ancient Vows
Items Needed Copper Key
Title Granted Rookie Hero Instructor
Repeatable No
Reward Deluxe Carbine
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Chasing Dreams None


Note: If you are in a party, and have more than one party member who needs to complete the same quest, you will need to activate the NM battle for each person. You can activate the NM right after the previous person completed the long cutscene after the NM battle.

  • Select the Weathered Boat again for a cutscene and your reward - Deluxe Carbine
  • Finally, go back to Rabao and talk to Zoriboh to complete the quest and receive your 3000 gil.

Game Description

Zoriboh (Near the oasis, Rabao)
How is little Sanctia doing? Zoriboh wants you to take her a present from her father and see that she is keeping out of trouble.
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