Mission Name The Savage
Number PM4-2
Title Granted Mist Melter
Nag'molada's Underling
Items Needed Giant Scale
Reward 1500 EXP
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Sheltering Doubt The Secrets of Worship


As of the 6/21/2010 patch, there is no longer a level restriction in Riverne - Site B01. The entire mission can be soloed/duoed by most jobs at level 75+. Please be aware that there are now high level enemies (VT-IT to lv 75+) in these areas so caution not to cause aggro is still advised.

  • Head to Riverne - Site #B01 for a cut scene.
    • You'll need a single Giant Scale to pass through an Unstable Displacement to get to Monarch Linn.
  • Proceed to Monarch Linn.
  • Enter the BCNM and fight Ouryu.
    • The time limit for this fight is 30 minutes.
    • Note: Normal buffs wear off when entering the BCNM - food will stay.
    • After defeating Ouryu, your title will become Mist Melter (only if you are on this mission).
  • You'll return at the exit for Monarch Linn and can either come back to the entrance of Monarch Linn or exit out.
  • Head back to Tavnazian Safehold and talk to Justinius(J-6) again for a cutscene.


  • Ouryu is an earth-based dragon and casts earth-based spells. Naturally is immune to earth based effects and spells.
  • His TP attacks:
  • On the ground:
  • In the air:
  • Touchdown: Not based on TP, used when he lands (though not if a Mistmelt was used to ground him). AoE magic damage (element unknown, ~140 each).
  • His spells:
  • He gives up at about 30% health. You need to inflict approximately 6000 damage to force him to give up.
  • He will use Invincible at about 75% - 95%HP.
  • He alternates between flying and standing every two minutes.
  • On the ground, his attacks are physical; in the air, they are earth elemental and ignore Utsusemi, Invincible and any form of physical damage reduction, including Sentinel. His air attacks do 280 damage minus Shell and any resistance; kiting may also reduce their damage.
  • He will regenerate to full health if your party wipes.
  • Bring Ouryu to the ground with Mistmelt, which is obtained from the quest Fly High. You can also buy them at the Auction House in section Materials/Goldsmithing.
    • Being earth-based, Ouryu has an extremely high resistance to Stun in all its forms. Leg Sweep, Head Butt and the Stun spell all appear to have no effect.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.

Game Script and cutscene video

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