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Mission Name The Savage
Number PM4-2
Title Granted Mist Melter
Nag'molada's Underling
Items Needed Giant Scale
Reward 1500 EXP
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Sheltering Doubt The Secrets of Worship
Replay Cutscenes
The Savage Goblin Footprint Misareaux Coast (K-10)
The Savage (pt.1) Goblin Footprint Monarch Linn
The Savage (pt.2) Goblin Footprint Monarch Linn
The Savage Latteaune Tavnazian Safehold (H-6)


Side note: A geomagnetic fount can be found just beyond where you enter Monarch Linn, although it's not as useful now that there's a Home Point.

  • Head to Riverne - Site #B01 via the Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) of Misareaux Coast for a cutscene.
  • Proceed to Monarch Linn.
    • Head southwest and enter the first Spatial Displacement.
    • The Wyverns in this area drop Giant Scales. You will need one to reach Monarch Linn, two if you want to activate the geomagnetic fount. Be careful of the Blazedrakes, as they will sight aggro at any level.
    • Travel westward to the Unstable Displacement at (G-8)/(H-8) and trade a Giant Scale to it. Continue northwest to the Spatial Displacement at (F-6).
      • To unlock the geomagnetic fount, continue southwest and enter the Spatial Displacement at the tip of (E-7), then trade your second Giant Scale to the Unstable Displacement in front of you, then continue south through the next Spatial Displacement until you find the Stone Monument. The fount is just behind it.
    • Enter the Spatial Displacement on the southeast side of (E-7). Monarch Linn is just ahead.
  • Enter the battlefield for The Savage. (see testimonials)
  • After defeating Ouryu, head to Tavnazian Safehold (Home Point #3) and talk to Justinius at (J-6) on the upper level for a cutscene.


This battlefield is level-capped at 99. Any solo-friendly job setup can handle Ouryu with ease. If you are attempting this at a lower level, it is recommended to bring 2-6 Mistmelts. These can be obtained via the Fly High quest.

  • Buffs will wear off upon entry.
  • The time limit for this fight is 30 minutes.
  • Ouryu is immune to earth-based effects and spells.
  • Ouryu will give up at about 30% health, meaning you need to inflict approximately 6000 points of damage.
  • Can use Invincible at about 75% - 95% HP.
  • Alternates from being on the ground and in the air. The maximum duration of each phase is two minutes.
    • On the ground, Ouryu's attacks deal physical damage. In the air they deal earth elemental damage, and ignore shadow images, Invincible and any form of physical damage reduction.
    • While Ouryu is in the air, all melee attacks will miss.
      • Dragoon Jump attacks will still connect.
      • If you are using Curing Waltz as your primary heal source, it is wise to keep your TP high in preparation for his flight mode.
    • Mistmelt can be used to temporarily force Ouryu back to the ground.
  • Ouryu has an extremely high resistance against Stun effects.
  • Special Attacks:
  • After defeating Ouryu for the first time, your title will become Mist Melter.
  • You'll return to the entrance of Monarch Linn. The Spatial Displacement will let you return to Riverne, or warp you straight to Misareaux Coast.
    • If you return to Riverne, you can use the Home Point there.
  • Speak with Justinius in Tavnazian Safehold to complete the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.