Mission Name The Salt of the Earth
Number 9-1
Start NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Level 70+
Reward Rank points
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Enter the Talekeeper Where Two Paths Converge
Replay Cutscenes
The Salt of the Earth (pt.1) Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)
The Salt of the Earth (pt.1-2) Zungutt Rabao (E-8)
The Salt of the Earth (pt.2-3) Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)


Recommended Fight Order

  • Soloable at Lv99 with trusts.
  • It is not possible to sneak pop the NM as in previous missions. The Gigaplasm will spawn claimed and immediately begin attacking the person who popped it.
  • The plasms do not build resistance to either sleep or lullaby.
  • As the plasms get smaller, they attack faster and faster. Nanoplasm have a delay of about 150.
  • The smaller plasms' magic defense decreases greatly with each new stage.
  • If whoever pops the Gigaplasm dies in a bad spot and is still dead after fight is over, do not Tractor him/her!! You must not zone or get tractored, otherwise you will need to fight the NM again.
  • Should someone d/c after the fight is done, but before earning the key item, you will -not- have to do the fight again.
  • If someone gets disconnected during the fight, sleep the last slime until they can be re-invited.
  • Return to Rabao and talk to Dancing Wolf for a cutscene after obtaining the key item.
  • Return to the Conference Room and talk to Alois again to complete the mission.
  • Optional: Talk to Franziska in the hallway behind the President's Office for an extra cutscene with Cornelia.

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Game Description

Mission Orders
You have been assigned to an investigation in The Vollbow Region. Speak with senator Alois for further details.