«FFXI-Movie» San 5-1 - The Ruins of Fei'Yin

«FFXI-Movie» San 5-1 - The Ruins of Fei'Yin


The Ruins of Fei'Yin (pt.1) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Curilla: Hello, Player name. You've rushed back from Jeuno upon hearing the news, right? Well, we've taken care of those bandits already.

Curilla: Well, Halver is exaggerating again, with talk of a botched assassination. What could he mean by the king falling unconscious? Surely he is not calling adventurers to the chateau over such nonsense!

Curilla: Such brigands cannot stand before the might of the Temple Knights! His whisperings dishonor our nation. Do you not agree?

Destin: Curilla? Are you there?

Curilla: Yes, Your Majesty!

Destin: Ah, very good. Your leadership was exemplary, as always. Thanks to you, I may focus on my duties.

Curilla: You are too kind, Your Majesty.

Destin: However, Curilla, there seems to be something you overlooked.

Curilla: Your Majesty?

Destin: During the uproar, somebody made off with the talisman!

Halver: The talisman, Your Majesty? Not the one that keeps the Shadow Lord imprisoned!

Destin: The very one. We were visited by an infiltrator while our eyes were on the brigands.

Curilla: So, the intruders were but a decoy...

Destin: I suspected them so.

Halver: And who might know of the talisman's existence, even among San d'Orians? Your Majesty, I fear someone bent on bringing the Shadow Lord back from his exile did this!

Destin: But before we track down this infiltrator, first must we thwart their sinister plot. Halver, let us decide on a plan of action.

Destin: Curilla, be not disheartened; by no means was this your fault. Call off the alert, and return to your regular duties.

Destin: Well, Player name, your help is needed yet again. Halver will convey my orders soon enough... Remember, you have our thanks!

Halver: We shall begin immediate discussion on a policy for action. Player name, you must work on improving your skills and equipment.

Halver: Speak naught of the attempt on the king's life, nor of this business with the Shadow Lord, lest panic grip the Kingdom!

The Ruins of Fei'Yin
San d'Orian Gate Guard: There you are! I've been looking for you. Monarlais Halver requests your presence at the chateau immediately.

San d'Orian Gate Guard:It sounds as if this is fairly important mission. I need not remind you that you should take care to properly equip yourself before embarking on this journey.

Accept the mission?

  • Say Yes.

San d'Orian Gate Guard:I'm not sure what it's about, but you'd best make haste. The monarlais is not to be kept waiting!

The Ruins of Fei'Yin - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Halver: We've come to a decision at last, <Player's Name>. We will send an expedition to the accursed Northlands.

Halver: It will go to the ancient ruins of Fei'Yin, northeast of the Beaucedine Glacier. Of course, you'll be going, too.

Halver: The ruins are those of a city built by an ancient civilization that we believe was more advanced than our own.

Halver: The race that lived there called themselves the Zilart. We have found simular ruins on Cape Teriggan to the south.

Halver: Amazingly they both remain, though they were built long ago. It is as if some unseen force defies time to protect them.

Halver: Once, thirty years ago, an international expidition was sent to the Northlands. They were to uncover the secret of the Zilart's power.

Halver: They returned empty-handed. We need you to head to the Beaucedine Glacier and scour the ruins of Fei'Yin yourself.

Halver: The ruins are overrun with fiends, you know. We captured it from the Shadow Lord twenty years ago at the cost of many lives.

Halver: We set a seal on the ruined coliseum to strengthen the barrier of the Northlands from the inside.

Halver: You must find it, and use this new seal to strengthen its magic if necessary.

Halver: Yes, I'm concerned about the Shadow Lord's return. But if the border falls and the nether beasts pass into our realm, all in this world will fall to ruin.

The Rank 5 Mission - Fei'Yin
Zeid: Thirty years ago, the three nations--Windurst, Bastok, and San d'Oria--sent an expedition to investigate this cursed land.

Zeid: The Galka swordsman Raogrimm, the Hume monk Cornelia, the Hume warrior Ulrich...

Zeid: The Elvaan knight Francmage, the Tarutaru white mage Iru-Kuiru, and the Mithra ranger Rabntah were the members of the expedition.

Zeid: All of them were great heroes of their people. But they had to cut the expedition short when an accident claimed two of their group.

Zeid: Raogrimm and Cornelia were the ones who died in the accident. The others are said to have suffered violent deaths themselves after their return.

Zeid: Perhaps they had awakened the curse that was said to be buried in this land... They may have called forth the ancient bane.

Lion: The ancient bane...
The Shadow of Darkness--a image of the Shadow Lord--told us...that our kinds were the ones that had awakened him.

Lion: That he would spread the bane that will destroy Vana'diel from our cowardice, rage, envy, arrogance, and apathy...

Zeid: His image?
I see...

Zeid: "The great bane will devour the fair land of Vana'diel..."

Zeid: "The ancient seal will be broken, awakening nightmares of ages past."

Zeid: "The blood of innocents will soak the earth, and the world will fall into fear and despair."

Lion: "But as one bright star shines through the clouds at night, and as one song rings clear above the roar of beasts, we hold to one hope in these darkest of times."

Lion: "That they will come, with the wisdom of ages and the strength of thousands, to deliver us from our plight. We await the awakening of the Warriors of the Crystal."

Lion: That's an old song... It's called "The Warriors of the Crystal," isn't it?

Zeid: Just an old wives' tale. I do not know why I mentioned it.
I must go. I do not expect to find much, but something troubles me...

The Rank 5 Mission - Qu'Bia Arena
Zeid: You fight well...but you should learn to pace yourself.

Battles are won by those who can still swing their swords at the end of the day.

Zeid: I am curious. What are you doing here?
The beastmen have been acting strangely...were you asked to spy on them?

Zeid: The seal of the Northlands?
Ah, that thing those Tarutaru did at the end of the Great War...

Zeid: I have seen no signs of it. It must have already been broken.
Hmph. I wish I could see the look on your superiors' faces when they find out.

Zeid: You say you have brought another seal?
You should not have bothered, as they are useless.

Zeid: Who am I? I am just a wandering knight.
I do not care what the beastmen do--nor should you.

Zeid: The Shadow Lord was killed twenty years ago and that is a fact.
These rumors of him returning are just plain nonsense.

Zeid: But Castle Zvahl is also called the Crossroad of Fates...
And yet, it cannot be.

The Ruins of Fei'Yin (pt.2) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Halver: Why, welcome back, Player name. I'm sure the lords of both knightly orders would like to hear your report right away.

Halver: So, the seal of Fei'Yin is broken... We must face the prospect of nether beasts laying siege this land, as they did two decades past.

Curilla: Peculiar have been their actions of late, and now this... We must act swiftly.

Rahal: Yes, but our obligation to the alliance denies unilateral deployment to lands abroad. Were not the Northlands reduced to ashes in wars of old?

Curilla: This does not bode well. Vigilantly we watched that land, and still this comes to pass!

Rahal: Yes, I am afraid you are right. Our eyes were on the comings and goings of Orcs, ignorant of the greater threat.

Halver: And how should we explain this to our allies? San d'Oria cannot become the laughingstock of the civilized world!

Trion: Are such words even necessary?

Halver: Prince Trion!

Trion: Before they hit us, let us hit them. A bold strike would hamper their momentum.

Halver: But, my prince! By sending troops into the Northlands, we expose ourselves to a certain degree of diplomatic liability...

Trion: Liability!? Fools! Are you all blind to this peril? The enemy approaches while we bicker!

Rahal: Yes, Prince Trion... However, we should involve the king and Prince Pieuje in this decision.

Trion: Curilla, do you share the opinion of Halver and Rahal?

Curilla: Yes, my prince. We know not the enemy's numbers. I believe the peril of rushing headlong into battle would be too great.

Curilla: Indeed, word of the Shadow Lord's return was brought to us by adventurers, and is as yet unconfirmed.

Curilla: And if it did happen to be true, all the knights of San d'Oria would not be enough. We must confer with the alliance, my prince!

Trion: Hmph. So be it! All this talk of diplomatic liability... There are people we must defend, and an enemy we must defeat. Naught matters but that simple truth!

Trion: In such times, where could Pieuje be going?

Curilla: Prince Trion...

Halver: Hmm... We must make haste and decide upon policy for our kingdom. At any rate, the exploration of Fei'Yin is complete.

Halver: Much time may be needed before we reach a conclusion. Rest and prepare for other expeditions. And thank you for your dutiful service.

The Ruins of Fei'Yin (pt.3) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: Political maneuvering, you call it? To think our nation could become this cesspool of manipulation and intrigue...

Trion: We have no time for these antics! If they truly are plotting to raise the Shadow Lord, we have not a moment to lose!

The Ruins of Fei'Yin - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Rahal: I understand his lordship's fervor, but the risk is too great for us. I believe this requires utmost caution.

Curilla: Things cannot be allowed to proceed as they are. There must be a way to convince him...

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