Start NPC Chumimi - Heavens Tower
Requirements Black Mage 50+
Items Needed Silk Cloth
Title Granted Paragon of Black Mage Excellence
Repeatable Yes, by erasing AF memory
Reward Wizard's Petasos
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Recollections None

Toraimarai Canal

Gate of Earth

Composite map to Toraimarai Canal


The ??? Locations

  • The first ??? is at (H-7) of the first map of the Toraimarai Canal, fairly close to the Horutoto entrance.
    • Quickest way, if you have it, is via the Survival Guide at (F-5).
    • These are not the sparkling ???'s. Check it and get a cutscene where the doll absorbs the magic. To get the cutscene, you must be on the same side of the gate as the ???- you can receive text from either side, but only one side will give the cutscene.
  • The second ??? is at (I-9) on the same map, on the west side of that gate. Check the ??? for a cutscene, use Manafont, and check the ??? once again for a second cutscene. Manafont requires you to be BLM.


  • Head to the third ??? at (J-8). When you examine it, the NM Magic Sludge will spawn.
  • There are two ??? at the (J-8) spawn point less than a half-inch apart. If you receive the message "There is nothing out of the ordinary here" and you successfully eradicated the first two magic stagnations, you may be trying the wrong ??? and simply need to look carefully at which one you have selected.

The Fight

  • It is highly recommended that you clear the room of any regular mobs before popping the NM and then pulling the NM into the hallway to avoid aggro once the mobs respawn.
  • The NM is like all other elementals in that it's highly resistant to physical attacks, but is also resistant to magic. Some ways to get around the damage resistances are:
  • You also may choose to use some Poison Potions if you want to reduce the danger of the Sleepga it can cast.
  • You do not have to kill this once per Black Mage; simply clear the area and have each BLM pop the Magic Sludge with sneak letting the elemental depop each time. Then when the last BLM pops kill Magic Sludge then have all Blms examine the ??? for the CS. Meaning you only have to fight once. It takes 3 minutes to depop, and you must wait 3 minutes after that to repop it.
  • Defeat Magic Sludge and click on the ??? again for a cutscene.
    • If you wipe while trying to kill the NM, simply raise up, wait for full heal, and pop the ??? again. You are not required to go and check the other two ???'s again before repopping Magic Sludge. You do not have to redo the first two ??? if you have to home point.

Completing the Quest

  • (Optional) Zone into Inner Horutoto Ruins from Toraimarai Canal for another cutscene about an unclassifiable sealed area.
    • You can skip this cutscene by warping out or exiting through the Priming Gate into Windurst Walls. You can exit through it even if you lack the Rhinostery Certificate to use it as an entrance. You will still get your hat, but cannot proceed with the remaining cutscenes in the Optional section.
  • Head back to Chumimi in Heavens Tower for the required cutscene to receive your reward.


Game Description

Chumimi (Star tree farm, Heavens Tower)
The cause of the star trees' poor growth seems to lie in the Toraimarai Canal. First, bring some silk cloth to Professor Koru-Moru so he can improve his magic doll. Then take the magic doll into the Toraimarai Canal to carry out an inspection.