Start NPC Faursel - Tenshodo, Lower Jeuno (J-8)
Requirements KeyItemTenshodo Member's Card
Items Needed See Below
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemBoarding Permit
Depending on actions:
KeyItemMap of Wajaom Woodlands
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Tenshodo Membership Mission:
Land of Sacred Serpents


  • If the quest doesn't activate, make sure your Content ID is registered for the Aht Urhgan expansion.
  • He gives you three options to choose from (the third is a hidden option on the bottom). Choose the hidden option.
  • After the cutscene, talk to him a second time for another cutscene. Choose either the hidden third option or the first option.
  • Faursel asks you to collect some items. You can choose the Advanced path, the Intermediate path, or the Beginner path (see below). Alternatively, you can simply pay 500,000 gil.
  • After trading the item(s) or paying the gil he requests, zone, wait until the next game day, and talk to him again after zoning for the KeyItemBoarding Permit.
  • If you paid the gil, you are now warped to the Leypoint in Wajaom Woodlands after receiving the pass, and you obtain a KeyItemMap of Wajaom Woodlands.
  • After speaking to him he will ask you bring him the items individually, however he only accepts them if traded together.


Trade either one Coffer Key from a beastman stronghold, one Testimony, or three chips from Pso'Xja (duplicates allowed).

The accepted coffer keys are:

The accepted chips are:


Trade the following three Garrison items:


Trade the six items that are used in the two Support Job quests:

Game Description

Faursel (Tenshodo, Lower Jeuno)
If you want to ride the mercenary transport ship from Mhaura, you must bring the required items to the Tenshodo.
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